Air Purification Device kills airborne and surface microbes.

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Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer(TM) helps purify air and minimize airborne and surface bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, spores, and mold in sizes that range from .001-10 microns. It helps to purify air with highly charged negative ions while dispersing them through compact air movement device that also equalizes air temperatures and humidity. System utilizes PHI-Cell(TM) to create aggressive, advanced oxidation atmosphere that can reduce airborne microbes.

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AIRIUS LLC Offers Solution to Drug-Resistant Staph Infection Killing Thousands in U.S.

Colorado Company's Air Purification Device Kills Airborne and Surface Microbes

November 9, 2007 - Longmont, CO - Recent major news stories around the nation have reported the untimely deaths of two children and one teen as a result of exposure to the drug-resistant bacterial germ, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aurerus, or MRSA. Previously limited to hospitals, this infectious contact disease is now spawning contagion in schools, locker rooms, gymnasiums, shower stalls and cafeterias, and other environments involving humidity and mold.

AIRIUS® LLC, located in Longmont, Colorado has created a proprietary product that helps purify the air and minimize airborne and surface microbes, such as bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, spores and mold in sizes that range from .001 to 10 microns. The Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer(TM) combines two technologies that help to purify the air with highly charged negative ions while dispersing them through a sophisticated, highly compact air movement device that also works to equalize air temperatures and humidity. During this process, a constantly generated stream of ions effectively helps oxidize airborne and surface microbes, even those found in corners or in lockers with vent holes, for instance. This happens as the ions are dispersed through a room, as well as when the air is pulled back up and through the Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer.

A key component of the Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer is the patented Photohydroionization(TM) Advanced Oxidation technology, or PHI-Cell(TM), developed and owned by RGF Environmental Group in West Palm Beach, Florida. The PHI-Cell creates a very aggressive, advanced oxidation atmosphere that has the ability to dramatically reduce airborne bacteria, mold and viruses.

Independent scientific studies carried out on the RGF PHI-Cell by a number of organizations in a variety of settings have shown significant reductions of mold, yeast and bacteria. RGF reports that these include airborne bacteria, surface bacteria, Norwalk Virus, airborne mold, and microbes (including those relative to SARS protection on subways). The PHI-Cell is also very effective on gases, vapors, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odors. One AIRIUS customer cited a 92% reduction in airborne spores after using the Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer in a facility with mold issues.

"Our modern, drug-resistant society is continuing to experience many challenges due to the emergence of new and virulent disease strains," said Ray Avedon, president of AIRIUS LLC. "The Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer can greatly support a reduction in airborne and surface microbes, resulting in much healthier living and work environments."

According to the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, the staph germ has been around for millennia, and has become resistant to an entire class of penicillin-like antibiotics previously used to treat MRSA. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 94,000 life-threatening MRSA infections were recorded in the U.S. in 2005, resulting in nearly 19,000 deaths.

As a result of the recent death of a 17-year old in Bedford, Virginia, officials temporarily shut down 21 schools for cleaning and disinfecting. Unfortunately this is a temporary solution at best, whereas the use of the Photohydroionization (PHI) Airius Thermal Equalizer is a proactive approach.

Any building with an office ceiling height of 7 feet and facilities up to 70 feet can benefit from AIRIUS products. These include medical-care facilities, schools, cafeterias, gymnasiums, locker rooms, bath and shower facilities, etc.

AIRIUS® LLC is committed to the development of unique, patented Thermal Equalization and Photohydroionization (PHI) AIRIUS Thermal Equalizer(TM) products that provide new and effective solutions to the naturally occurring problems inherent in many buildings and facilities. AIRIUS LLC, along with its parent company, Avedon Engineering, Inc., is housed in the company's 165,000 square-foot design and manufacturing facilities located in Longmont, Colorado. For further information, visit www.Airius.US.

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