Air Flow Amplifiers can clean, cool, or dry parts.

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Operating on Coanda effect, airflow amplifiers provide up to 40:1 ratio of ambient air to compressed air to generate high vacuum flow and high exhaust flow. In-field adjustability lets operators set airflow, velocity, force, and direction for specific application while minimizing air consumption. Made of anodized aluminum, products have no moving parts and require no electricity. There are 9 standard models, from 1/8-2.0 in. ID, with vacuum flows from 4-330 scfm.

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Vaccon Adjustable Air Flow Amplifiers for Cleaning, Cooling & Drying Parts

Vaccon Company, Inc of Medway, MA, offers a full line of adjustable, air-operated, energy efficient airflow amplifiers for cleaning, cooling, and drying applications. Vaccon airflow amplifiers are field adjustable allowing operators to easily set the airflow, velocity, force and direction for their specific application while minimizing air consumption. Vaccon air flow amplifiers are ideal for removing water, dust, dirt, chips, chemicals and trim from parts or work areas, or for cooling/drying electronic equipment, food products, wire, rolled steel, circuit boards, webs, bottles, cans, metal strips, and molded or extruded parts.

Operating on the Coanda effect where a small volume of compressed air is converted into a large flow of ambient air, adjustable airflow amplifiers generate high vacuum flow and high exhaust flow providing up to a 40 to 1 ratio of ambient air to compressed air. Customized performance is obtained by turning the exhaust end of the pump until the airflow and force are at the desired level, then tightening the jam nut to lock the setting. With no moving parts to maintain or replace, and no electricity required, airflow amplifiers are safe, economical and efficient.

Made of anodized aluminum, standard airflow amplifiers are available in 9 models ranging from 1/8" to 2.0" ID, with vacuum flows from 4 to 330 scfm. Airflow amplifiers can be specified with or without silencers. Stainless steel models are available for food service, corrosive or high temperature applications.

"Designed for Dirt" - Vaccon pumps don't lose suction, clog, or require maintenance.

For More Information: Vaccon Company, Inc., 9 Industrial Park Road, Medway, MA 02053, Contact: Pat Kellogg, Telephone: (508) 359-7200, Fax: (508) 359-0177, Email:, Website:

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