Air Filtration Systems aid laser materials processing.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 4-stage filtration, UAC 2000 and UAC 4000 extract particulates and fumes produced during laser system materials processing. Multi-sensor design continuously monitors performance at all stages, and variable speed exhaust blowers maintain constant airflow as particulate is captured in pre-filter and HEPA filter. Third and fourth filtration stages capture fumes in dual-carbon filter, and integrated CO monitor alerts users to dangerous levels and stops system until safe limits return.

Original Press Release:

Universal Laser Systems Introduces Advanced Air Filtration Systems for Laser Materials Processing

Universal Laser Systems (ULS) announces the release of the UAC 2000 and UAC 4000 Air Filtration units, designed to integrate with current ULS laser systems.  The advanced and extremely quiet, air filtration systems efficiently extract particulates and fumes produced when processing materials with a laser system.

Major features include a four-stage filtration process, and a unique multi-sensor design to continuously monitor filter performance at all stages. Variable speed exhaust blower(s) maintain a constant airflow as particulates are captured first in a Pre-filter, then in a HEPA filter.  The third and fourth filtration stages capture fumes in a patented, market-first, dual carbon filter designed to enable consumption of all carbon while effectively removing fumes and maintaining a safe, clean-air environment.  Additionally, an integrated monitor alerts the user to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in the ambient air and stops the laser system from processing until CO levels return to safe limits.

To see a demonstration of the UAC capabilities or to learn more about this technology, please contact  James Rabideau at 480-483-1214 ext. 214 or

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