Air Filtration System cleans manual welding station air.

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RoboVent WeldPro(TM) ensures clean, safe conditions and compliance to federal regulations on emissions. Free-standing system recycles contaminated air using self-cleaning filtering system. Positioned in front of work area, bench, or fixture, system can capture 100% of smoke and contaminants right at source. Self-contained design eliminates need for central exhaust system.

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Great Lakes Air Systems Introduces the WeldPro(TM) Air Filtration Products

New RoboVent Product Cleans Air From Manual Welding Stations To Help Plants Meet Federal Regulations

Columbus, OH-June 20,2005-Great Lakes Air Systems introduces the RoboVent WeldPro(TM) air filtration system that ensures clean, safe conditions and cost-effective compliance to federal regulations on emissions.

The WeldPro is a free-standing, self-contained air cleaning system that recycles contaminated air using a high efficiency, self-cleaning filtering system. The unique design can simply be placed in front of a work area, bench, or fixture for a seamless fit into most workstations. Since the WeldPro is designed to be positioned at the welding point, it can capture 100 percent of the smoke and contaminants right at the source.

The WeldPro's distinctive self-contained design negates the need for an expensive and inefficient central exhaust system. The WeldPro distributes the job of cleaning the air, eliminating the possibility of total system failure and reducing production delays and downtime during routine maintenance.

"The WeldPro is a better solution than the ducted fume arm filtration systems, typically used for manual welding, because the WeldPro can be moved anywhere in the plant without moving ductwork and it captures and cleans the air, returning clean air to the plant," said Jim Reid, vice president of Great Lakes Air Systems. "This results in significant energy savings."

Great Lakes Air Systems is a family owned manufacturer of the RoboVent WeldPro and other innovative, environmental air filtration products for the welding industry that keep employees healthier, manufacturing facilities cleaner and improve plant operation efficiency and profitability. In business since 1989, Great Lakes Air Systems is based in Clawson, Michigan with sales in excess of $6.5 million.

For more information about Great Lakes Air Systems products, call 800.470.3430 or 614.866.9800.

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