Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation Introduces Kitchen Sentry

Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation introduces Kitchen Sentry(TM) - a complete kitchen exhaust system including a scrubber which captures grease before it enters the exhaust duct.

The Kitchen Sentry prepares to scrub pollution from commercial kitchen cooking exhaust. Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation introduces an industrial-class pollution control device for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation hoods.

Daniel Lehman, president and general manager, says the Kitchen Sentry will make commercial cooking cleaner, greener and less susceptible to fires by offering restaurants an integrated system to remove grease, smoke and odors, from cooking effluent - a fast-growing requirement for restaurants in many metropolitan areas designated by the U.S. EPA as non-attainment areas. However, he believes that price will make the package irresistible.

Air Dynamics expects to complete certification by the end of June and go to market with two versions of the Kitchen Sentry that cover hood sizes from four to twenty feet long. Both designs integrate advancements in core technology from industrial air pollution control devices (APCD's) offering low-energy consumption and higher efficiencies than are currently available in the CKV market.

The Kitchen Sentry is Patent Pending with commercialization assistance provided by Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Once certified, the integrated design will offer one low-cost, unified solution to a $1 billion market that current designs essentially break into two $500-million pieces by adding pollution control add-on's rather than integrating them into kitchen ventilation systems. With the Kitchen Sentry TM, Lehman expects to nearly cut in half equipment costs that can approach $500,000 for a two-step ventilation and pollution control system for a full service restaurant.

The new state-of-the-art design will capture the grease before it enters the exhaust duct and provide a natural barrier to fire and fire propagation. In addition to new restaurant installations, we can retrofit existing Type 1 hoods with the Kitchen Sentry technology.

In addition to reducing the chance of fire in kitchen exhaust system the Kitchen Sentry will save restaurant operators on costs associated with kitchen ventilation hood, duct and roof cleaning. The Kitchen Sentry CKV hood features simple, trouble free operation.

For more information, contact Air Dynamics, 717-854-4050, Alternatively, visit our website,

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