Air Dryer reduces moisture in gas samples.

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Universal Air Dryer contains condenser and dryer. Air enters condenser where dewpoint of sample gas is lowered below ambient, removing most moisture. Once air has passed through condenser, it reaches tube dryer, which consists of one tube inside another. Gas travels through hydrophilic Nafion inner tube into outer tube containing flow of very dry purge air. Gas leaves dryer at dew point temperature of -25°C. Dryer handles max flow rate of 2 lpm and includes digital temperature controller.

Original Press Release:

New Universal Air Dryer

The Universal Dryer contains two main parts: the condenser and the dryer. Air first enters the condenser where the dew point of the sample gas is lowered well below ambient; this removes most of the moisture. Condensed water is immediately drawn off by a peristaltic pump, which minimizes sample gas contact with the condensate. Once the air has passed through the condenser, it reaches the tube dryer. The drying tube is constructed as one
tube inside another. The gas sample travels through the inner tube made of hydrophilic Nafion (selectively absorbs water only); the outer tube contains a flow of very dry purge air to create a moisture differential. The Nafion tube allows moisture to cross through the tube, in one direction only, into the dryer purge air. Sample gas leaves the dryer at a very low dew point temperature (-25°C) and never cormes in contact with any chemical drying agents. Features a very low dead volume, digital temperature controller (condenser), and can handle a maximum flow rate of 2 LPM.

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