Air Diffusers suit wastewater treatment applications.

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Hydro-Check Coarse Bubble Diffusers are widely used in package biological treatment plants. SS Series Plenum Chamber Diffusers feature coarse bubble, high volume horizontal format for use in municipal installations. MTD Series Membrane Check Valve Diffusers are fine bubble diffusers for biological applications which require high transfer efficiencies. FBP/FBS/FBS Series Ceramic Diffusers are fine bubble units for extreme duty applications.

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Complete Family of Replacement Air Diffusers for Use in Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants Now Available

Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. a manufacturer of coarse and fine bubble aeration equipment, located in Cincinnati, Ohio offers a complete line of air diffusers designed for use in biological wastewater treatment applications for domestic and processing industries waste. The diffusers are available in a wide variety of designs, materials of construction, and configurations to meet the wastewater treatment needs of the customer's application. Wastewater treatment plants utilizing these air diffusers are found in the municipalities, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pulp & paper and other waste stream generators using biological treatment methods. A new, full color, 8 page brochure outlining the complete line of gas diffusers which are offered by Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. is available. Ranging from coarse to fine bubble and vertical and horizontal configurations. The brochure contains information on this family of gas diffusers reviews a basic history on the principles of aeration and its use in the treatment of water and wastewater streams. Typical applications for these diffusers include pre-aeration installations, aerated grit removal, disinfecting, carbonization, pH adjustment, package biological wastewater treatment plants, sequencing batch reactors (SBR), variable depth reactors (VDR), and other aerobic activated sludge biological wastewater treatment systems. The brochure features color photos, both static and operating, of all the types of diffusers offered, installations, line drawings with dimensional and capacity data. Application assistance is available from our experienced technical staff. Types of diffusers offered by Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. include: -Hydro-Check Coarse Bubble Diffuser-coarse bubble diffuser widely used in package biological treatments plants.
-SS Series Plenum Chamber Diffuser-high volume horizontal format coarse bubble diffuser used in municipal installations.
-MTD Series Membrane Check Valve Diffuser-fine bubble check valve diffuser for biological applications which require high transfer efficiencies.
-FBP/FBS/FBS Series Ceramic Diffuser-fine bubble diffusers for extreme duty applications. For additional information contact Steve Deiters Manufacturers of Gas Diffusion Devices and Related Components

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