Air-Bearing Spindles offer sub-arc-second resolution.

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Providing angular positioning and velocity control, direct-drive ABS Series is balanced to ISO 1940 G 0.4 tolerances and uses labyrinth-type sealing to minimize particle migration. Brushless servomotor produces greater than 38 oz-in. of continuous torque with negligible motor losses, eliminating need for cooling fins or external cooling. Spindles provide velocity ripple of less than 0.1%, asynchronous error motion less than 20 nm, and total error motion less than 100 nm.

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High Speed Air-Bearing Spindles With No Need For Cooling

High Speed Air-Bearing Spindles With No Need For Cooling
o Low-loss brushless servomotor
o Instrument-grade precision
o Balanced to ISO 1940 G 0.4
o Custom configurations available
o Ideally suited for data storage, wafer processing, diamond turning, and imaging
o Sub-arc-second resolution at high speed

Aerotech's ABS series direct-drive, air-bearing spindles were designed to provide superior angular positioning and velocity control for applications including disk drive testing, imaging applications, and precision wafer inspection.

Superior Mechanical Design
The ABS2000 is balanced to ISO 1940 G 0.4 tolerances. The design also uses labyrinth-type sealing to minimize particle migration from the spindle, resulting in certification for Class 1 clean-room operation. An integral rotary union is provided for a vacuum supply.

Low Loss, Non-Influencing Direct-Drive Motor
Aerotech's custom designed, low-loss motor produces >0.25 N-m (38 oz-in) of continuous torque with negligible motor losses, eliminating the need for cooling fins and/or external cooling. The non-influencing motor design minimizes parasitic forces in the motor, providing the exceptionally high level of error motion performance. These motors have all the advantages of a brushless direct-drive motor - no brushes to wear, and high acceleration and high speeds. With its low inherent inertia and high torque output, the ABS is capable of extremely high speeds and accelerations.

Accurate Positioning
With a velocity ripple of <0.1%, an asynchronous error motion <20 nm, and total error motion <100 nm, the Aerotech spindle offers superior performance for high accuracy applications. The high performance motor and rotary encoder are directly coupled to a common shaft. When used with the Aerotech A3200 controller and Npaq® drive rack, the spindle resolution can be as high as 0.05 arc sec with no speed trade-offs. This makes the ABS2000 ideal for applications requiring both spindle operation and stage operation.

Flexible Configurations
Options include mechanical or vacuum-chuck configurations, grounding ball, and optics mounting. Alternate higher torque motors are available. Aerotech manufactures a wide range of servo amplifiers and advanced controllers to provide a complete, integrated motion package.

To learn more about the ABS2000 series, please contact Steve McLane at Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (Phone) 412-963-7470, (Fax) 412-963-7459,,

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