Air Bag Lifting Device lifts up to 72 tons.

Press Release Summary:

MaxiForce compressed air-powered lifting device is available in 13 models from 6 x 6 in. to 36 x 36 in. with capacities of 1.5 to 72 tons. Applications include changing tires, shifting pipelines, and lifting loads. It needs less than 1 in. of insertion space to be set and inflated, and inflates in less than 60 seconds. Bag's positive grip furnishes optimal friction, so it can be put to use on slippery surfaces.

Original Press Release:

Simplex Air Bag Is Handy Alternative To Standard Hydraulic or Mechanical Lifting Devices

BROADVIEW, IL, August 5, 2001 - Simplex has expanded its family of quality lift equipment to include the new Simplex MaxiForce Air Bag, an ultra-strong, inflatable Kevlar envelop equipped with a air-powered lifting device. Available in 13 models ranging in size from 6-inches x 6-inches to 36-inches x 36-inches with capacities of 1.5- to 72-tons, Simplex MaxiForce bags provide fast, safe and simple lifting solutions using the power of compressed air.

The bags are highly effective in industrial, construction and maintenance applications, such as in changing tires on off-road equipment or aircraft, shifting pipelines and other odd-shaped loads, and rerailing railroad and mining cars. Especially attractive to users is the bag's ability to excel in limited clearence lifting, where it needs less than one inch of insertion space to be set and inflated. The bag's positive grip furnishes optimal friction, so the bags can be put to use on slippery surfaces. The grip also enables two or more bags to be stacked together for added stroke.

Virtually any air source can inflate the bag: standard air cylinders, truck air brake systems, compressors, even a foot or hand pump. Less than 60 seconds is required to inflate the largest MaxiForce bag. Inflation and deflation is operator controlled by use of a safety control valve with a color-coded gauge.

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