Aerosol Can Crusher processes 800 cans per hour.

Press Release Summary:

Model AXR800 Aerosol Can Crusher opens, empties and crushes aerosol cans in its explosion-proof permanent total enclosure. It is able to handle various can sizes and contents as they are captured, separated and filtered. VOCs can be collected by optional carbon filter built into crusher. Cans are collected separately.

Original Press Release:

Aerosol Can Crusher Processes 800 Cans Per Hour

The new AXR800 Aerosol Can Crusher from TeeMark Crushers opens, empties, and crushes 800 aerosol cans an hour in an explosion proof permanent total enclosure. The 800 handles a wide range of can sizes and can contents. Can contents and gases are captured, separated, and filtered. VOCs can be collected by an optional carbon filter that is built into the crusher. The cans are collected separately for recycling. With the development of the AXR800, TeeMark, the leading manufacturer of explosion proof paint can crushers, now offers a complete line of aerosol can crushers with throughput capacity of 250, 450, or 800 cans per hour.

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