AEPONYX Showcases Easiest and Most Future Proof WDM-PON Solution with 40 Channels on a Single Fiber at OFC/NFOEC 2013

BREA, Calif., MONTREAL and DAEJEON, South Korea - AEPONYX inc. will be showcasing at the OFC/NFOEC2013 Exposition in Anaheim on March 19-21, 2013 the industry's easiest and most future proof, long-reach, single fiber, 40 channels WDM-PON solution. AEPONYX has achieved another world first; a truly standalone single fiber WDM-PON Solution composed strictly of WDM-PON Passives and small form pluggable transceivers (SFPs).

WDM-PON or Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network, is the only technology which enables multiple secure dedicated capacity circuits on a single fiber optic, to multiple customer premises optic, over different wavelengths, over great distances, without any equipment consuming electricity between the service provider installations and the customer premise.

Francois Menard, CTO Co-Founder of AEPONYX, explains the industry leading progress made by AEPONYX in WDM-PON since ECOC 2012: "We have both unraveled and reduced the costs of our InfraMux™ WDM-PON multiplexer while increasing its density to 120 circuits in one rack unit. We have added a low-power operation to our Omnicolor™ DWDM SFPs making them compatible with conventional equipment. Finally, we have simplified our single fiber operation by developing a red-blue adapter for our Colorplugs(TM). With these new developments, our WDM-PON solution is now by far, the easiest to deploy and the first one that is truly standalone".

Single Fiber WDM-PON directly translates to lower CapEx and OpEx as the fiber optic network can share the same topology than a GPON or EPON network and make use of single fiber pre-connectorized outside plant hardware.

The AEPONYX ColorNode™ is an outdoor rated 40 channels arrayed waveguide grating multiplexer deployed on a splice tray, which is as similar and simple to deploy as a traditional power splitter.  When deployed in a distributed local convergence point topology, an operator can achieve a 100% take-up rate with as little as 24 fibers in a typical North American industrial park, with a guaranteed upgrade path to a non-blocking single-fiber 10 Gbps service for all circuits.

Francois Menard further explains: "Our customers are confidently deploying our Omnicolor™ SFPs capable of 40 channels at up to 3.1 Gbps on a single fiber, knowing that our WDM-PON Passives support 40 channels at 10 Gbps on a single fiber. An upgrade to 10 Gbps will only entail swapping out our WDM-PON Omnicolor™ SFPs for our WDM-PON 10Gbps SFP+ later down the line, without requiring any change to the outside plant or disrupting any existing service."

The AEPONYX solution for single fiber WDM-PON further provides the unique benefit of low inventory costs with only two kinds of Omnicolor SFPs required to cover all 80 possible channel combinations, making it far simpler than single fiber CWDM.

"Based on the feedback of our first customers following our initial product launch in September 2012 at ECOC in Amsterdam, we have succeeded in both improving and significantly simplifying our WDM-PON solution, while enabling backward compatibility with existing SFP equipment," explains Philippe Babin, VP Sales & Marketing of AEPONYX.  "This enables our customers to quickly offer services that are much faster and more secure than GPON without needing more fiber than with GPON," he adds.

AEPONYX can now empower fiber optic network operators to immediately start enabling their deployments based on SFP-based Carrier Ethernet equipment with WDM-PON, thus allowing them to reap the benefits of a 40-fold capacity increase in their existing fiber.

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With an industry leading vision for Moving the Cloud at the Speed of Light(TM), AEPONYX is a global WDM-PON technology provider empowering fiber optic network operators to fully virtualize their Cloud infrastructure.

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