Aegis Software Facilitates Factory-Wide Quality Strategy for tbp

Horsham, PA - tbp electronics has purchased a complete factory-wide Aegis MES system for their facilities in Dirksland and Eersel, the Netherlands. tbp is a high-end EMS manufacturer supplying semi-conductor, healthcare, aviation, defence, petrochemical and other markets. In addition to the Aegis MES wide functionality and ease of use, tbp was particularly impressed with Aegis' obvious experience, expertise and clear advice throughout the initial consultation and sales process. They also set great value on Aegis' commitment to ensure that the MES solution will be implemented as agreed upon.

tbp's requirement for MES arose because their existing core MES system no longer covered the growing needs and requirements of the organisation. In choosing Aegis as a replacement, they satisfy an ambition to further increase their overall quality, and to generate reports for Yield, WIP and Defects. As a factory-wide installation, the MES software will interface extensively to tbp's existing equipment. This includes three Mydata lines with seven pick and place machines, as well as AOI and test systems. Aegis will also integrate with an existing on-site ERP software package.

With its total plant coverage, integration and reporting capabilities, Aegis MES can facilitate tbp's plan for more advanced quality control. Called 'Root Cause Analysis', its objective is to indicate the cause of any fault detected, even if that cause is distant from the point at which it becomes apparent. For example, the software could suggest that a functional testing failure could be attributed to a 'solder ball' problem - even though this would have occurred during the solder paste stage much earlier in the manufacturing process. tbp will use the complete visibility that MES brings to the entire manufacturing process, including both operator and equipment activities, to achieve this.

Aegis MES's presence will extend from inventory through SMT placement and into the Test department, as well as Box Build, Shipment and Repairs. This will allow tbp to complement their 'Root Cause Analysis' plans by dynamically controlling product build quality throughout the factory. Any errors or issues will be quickly eliminated as they arise, by stopping a production cell immediately if five such issues occur. Production only resumes once the problem has been found and corrected.

tbp's confidence in Aegis grew from their track record of proven technology adopted by customers around the world, and the knowledge and commitment Aegis demonstrated to tbp during the sales process. Gerard Elema (MES Project Manager) and Rolf Nagtzaam (Applications Manager) will be configuring the MES software for their existing manufacturing operation, while tbp has future plans for expansion into die placement and wire bonding.

About Aegis

Aegis Software provides single-vendor information systems for high-reliability manufacturers, providing a critical complement to enterprise-level ERP and PLM capabilities. Aegis' Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS) fully manages the manufacturing information environment, from process planning and launch, quality and test management, through manufacturing execution and shop floor materials control, to operations analytics and real-time dashboard systems.

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About tbp electronics

Tbp electronics is a leading Benelux integrated Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Company providing end-to-end product lifecycle solutions that include design for manufacture and test (DfM & DfT), product development, procurement, PCB assembly and testing, test engineering, inspection, product- and cabinet building, repair and logistics services. Tbp defines itself as being in 'the business of perfection' and strives to provide its customers with excellence in the Key areas of quality, reliability, flexibility, service, and pricing.

For over 35 years, tbp has been serving customers in the telecoms, ICT, media, entertainment, graphics, industrial, petrochemical, construction, shipping, broadcast, medical and defence sectors. Tbp electronics is a privately owned company employing over 120 people at its Eersel and Dirksland sites in the Netherlands.

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Ms. Dana Wolters

tbp electronics bv

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