ADwin Systems for Automotive Test & Control

Online Real-Time System Compiles Code with Just a Mouse Click

German manufacturer Jager-ADwin's popular ADwin Pro-II Data Acquisition and Control system is designed for use in automotive test, ECU test, CANbus applications, test system integration, and more. The PRO-II utilizes an ARM-based Pro-CPU-T12 processor module to deliver the fastest real-time computing power. With the programmability of the local ADwin CPU, users can run real-time data logging and/or control programs with kHz execution speeds up to the MHz range!

This advanced system is ideal for high-speed and high-channel applications such as transient recording in automotive test, precision control, and more.

Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control

  • High data rate and deterministic operation with usecond response times.
  • Analog In (Multiplexed or Parallel A/D), Analog Out, Digital I/O, Counters, CAN, LIN, and Serial Cards
  • Up to 480 Analog Inputs, Digital I/O or a combination . Full, Half- and Quarter-Rack Mainframes, AC- or DC-Powered Versions
  • High-Performance 300 MHz DSP Processor
  • Ethernet Communications Interface for online analysis in real-time
  • Optional TICO Co-Processor Modules for Local Pre-processing

Made in Germany

Auto engineers and technicians all over the world use ADwin real-time systems to achieve precision control over their critical processes. For visualization, they rely on ADwin's simple graphical user interface on their PC. Inside the ADwin system, analog and digital I/Os are connected to a dedicated real-time processor.

Together with a real-time operating system, a communication link to the PC, a driver library, and the ADbasic real-time development environment allowing C code insertion, ADwin offers users a seamless real-time system.

High-Speed Processing Power.

  • XILINX ZYNQT with Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9
  • 64-Bit FPU (double-precision)
  • 1 GHz processor clock
  • 1 Gigabyte main memory for code and data
  • Trigger input
  • 2 Digital I/Os
  • 1000 MBit Ethernet interface for communication to the PC

ADwin DAQ Systems

The ADwin Pro-II is available in a broad variety of robust housing with a wide variety of different input modules including analog/digital inputs, counter, encoder inputs, CANbus interface, serial interface, SPI, etc. Access to the memory is provided via processor module or via NFS/SMB/FTP from the Ethernet network. Modules are available with USB or SATA storage devices (integrated or removable, up to 2 TBytes).

Real-time development with ADbasic and ADtools

ADbasic optimizes and compiles program code with just a mouse-click! After being loaded on the ADwin system by ADbasic or a graphical PC user interface, the real-time processes execute fully independently.

ADwin also features an extensive library containing standard functions: e.g. for filtering, various examples for counter use, closed-loop controllers, function generators etc. This leads to a faster program implementation. Data can be saved as ASCII, binary or DIAdem format.

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