Advantec Announces Launch of Kardiant HCM

TAMPA, Fla. - Advantec announced today the launch of a breakthrough new Human Capital Management solution at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Kardiant is the first of a new breed of Human Capital Management solutions that helps organizations achieve operational excellence.

"Advantec has identified a huge gap in the mid-market HCM delivery. For decades, mid-market companies have benefited from the efficiencies rendered through transactional systems to manage payroll, benefits etc., but lacked any way to achieve alignment in their business," said Dianna Sheppard, CEO of Advantec. "Kardiant is the first solution to marry classic HR transactional excellence with strategic workforce alignment, at the cost of traditional transactional services."

To experience the sustainable value of the engaged and aligned workforce, Fortune 500 companies employ experts and hire consultants to implement and measure their initiatives. Advantec developed Kardiant to bring this value to mid-market companies at a price they can afford.

The Kardiant solution is supported by Service Oriented Architecture technology that offers maximum configuration capabilities and easy integration to external systems. "We chose the HR Technology Conference to launch this product because we knew the attendees would fall in love with our technology," said Bill Zint, Advantec VP of Product Innovation. "But when they look a little deeper they will see how we use the technology to create sustainable value for the organization. This is a real game changer in this market."

Kardiant subject matter experts work with clients to embed strategic alignment into the technology and maintain a one to one relationship with the client to monitor and optimize results.

Advantec will launch this service to a select group of senior executives, industry analysts and HR professionals at Booth 353 at the HR Technology Conference through Thursday, September 30th.

About Advantec

Advantec's Human Capital Management Solutions help high-performance organizations achieve operational excellence by bolstering the heart of their business. Through our Kardiant HCM solution, we provide a strategic approach to manage streamline workflows with flexible, on-demand integrated and scalable solutions built to grow with your business.

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