Advantages of Using Quality Abrasives

Many times when there are problems with the blasting process it is not that the material is bad, it is just miss-applied. Therefore it is imperative to take the time to truly understand and determine why you are blasting the part and what finish is required. Are you blasting for an anchor pattern, to apply a coating, remove heavy scale, uniformity, rust removal etc.?

Once this is determined, in order to consistently achieve your required finish you need to consider the quality of abrasive to use. Many people are incorrect when they feel there isn't much difference between abrasives. Lower quality abrasive will definitely affect the consistency and uniformity of your blasting results, decrease your productivity while at the same time use more material because it breaks down more quickly. The final outcome is higher operating costs and inconsistent results.

Top criteria for determining quality abrasive:

o Is abrasive screened to required size tolerance for uniformity and consistency?

o Chemical makeup - How the material is made will have and affect on its durability.

o Shape of abrasive - This will tell you whether the abrasive is best for blasting or use in sandpaper. Sandpaper material does not perform well in blasting applications.

o Bulk density - This will affect consistency and durability

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