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Advansus Introduces System Solutions with Scala, GeoVision and Sampo at ET2007 Japan

November 13th, 2007, Taipei, Taiwan -- Advansus, a joint-venture company of ASUS and Advantech, is introducing seven new system products, and a series of industrial motherboards at Embedded Technology 2007, November 14-16 in Tokyo, Japan. Simultaneously, Advansus is excited about demonstrating its line of digital signage and surveillance solutions, all in collaboration with three industry-leading companies:

Scala, the world's leading provider of digital signage software,
GeoVision, the leading DVR manufacturer for the security industry, and
Sampo, Taiwan's top manufacturer of CCD cameras and home appliances.

Digital signage solution
Based on Advansus's GME965 barebone platform, the Scala system exhibits all the strengths of the Scala InfoChannel application. Using Scala InfoChannel advanced content management and distribution, and its high performance playback technology, it is possible to schedule, deliver and playback several channels of multimedia content to network of one to thousands of players worldwide.

Surveillance solution
Geovision Digital Surveillance system incorporates Advansus's Q965 ATX motherboard and GeoVision's GV-1480 16 CH 480 FPS DVR Card. This system can record motion-activated intruder events. All events are stored with a current date and time stamp, and then compressed onto the PC Hard Disk. Geovision's recorded video can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via Modem, ISDN or ADSL/LAN connections.

Sampo supplies four sets of waterproof infrared DSP color CCD cameras, covering a broad range of surveillance scenarios. The Sampo VKE-C3306 CCD camera offers an effective range of up to 20 meters at optimum light and atmospheric conditions; it is backed up by a powerful built-in CDS (Cadmium-Sulfide) battery, which can guarantee continuous 24-hour detection and monitoring.

7 Scalable Barebone Systems
Advansus offers six mini-ITX based barebone systems. Recently, one Nano-ITX-core system was announced during this "once-a-year" big event. All systems are scalable for a modular design, and fully comply with the criterion of equipping a mini-ITX with a standard ATX I/O edge. All systems are well-designed and toughly built for easy set-up, quick configuration and long-term durability.

1) DSB-110 (EEC310 series: W248 x H103 x D260 mm)
Stylish & Scalable Fanless Mini-ITX Barebones with PCI Expansion
2) DSB-110 (EEC410-Q965: W248 x H103 x D260 mm)
External Type Mini-ITX Barebones
3) DSB-120 (EEC311: W230 x H75 x D235 mm)
Slim, Stylish & Fanless Mini-ITX Barebones
4) eBOX-2 (IEC211-965GM: W225 x H63.5 x D220 mm)
Internal Type Slim Mini-ITX Barebones
5) eBOX-1 (IEC210-Q965: W300 x H72 x D220 mm)
Internal Type Mini-ITX Barebones with PCIe Expansion
6) Open Frame (FPM610 series: W 331 x H 257 x T 79 mm)
Modular & Scalable Open Frame Panel PC
7) Nano-barebone system (NTC100-LX800: W 155 x H 42 x D 170 mm)
Mini Fanless Nano Barebones with wireless antenna.

Embedded Technology 2007
You will be pleased with the great number of ideas that we can propose for developing new systems, so feel free to visit us! We're located at booth A-10.

About Advansus
Advansus is a joint-venture company between ASUSTek and Advantech. The company aims to provide specialized D&MS (Design and Manufacturing Services) to satisfy the demand for system longevity and cost control. In addition to its DMS business, Advansus delivers a variety of Industrial Motherboards (Nano-ITX, Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX). Customers can enjoy our product and service, which combines several advantages: excellent quality, cost effectiveness, durability and long-term revision control.

About Scala
Founded in 1987, Scala pioneered the Digital Signage industry and today remains the world's largest provider of software for creating digital signage networks, driving more screens that all competitors combined. The company's InfoChannel product line is used for dynamic digital media networks in retail, education, entertainment, government and other industries for diverse applications such as Retail Advertising networks (Retail TV), Corporate Communications (Employee TV), Digital Billboards, Digital Menuboards, Digital Posters, Community Access channels (Cable TV), Hotel lobby signage and information channels, Gas Pump "toppers", Convention Center Signage, Interactive touch-screens and Kiosks, etc. The Company's cutting-edge InfoChannel software platform powers thousands of digital signs around the world.

About GeoVisioin
GeoVision Inc., one of the security 50 companies, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems. GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, video/audio compression techniques, intelligent video analysis, and hardware enhancements. Known by the brand name GeoVision, the company manufactures and distributes security surveillance systems to customers in more than 70 countries.

About Sampo
Sampo Corporation is Taiwan's top manufacturer of home appliances, consumer electronics, and telecommunication products since 1936. Sampo Group's products lines include digital TVs, DVDs, PCs, monitors, CRTs, LCD TVs, and PDPs. With the NT$23 Billion in revenue in 2003, Sampo is a leader in the Taiwan market and a world-class OEM supplier. Additional information is available at:

Huimei Yu
Marketing manager
Tel:+886-2-8177-7089 Ext. 7590
Fax: +886-2-2794-7305

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