Advanced Poly-Packaging Brings Newest Machine To New York

US-5500 Among Products at Booth #4539

(Akron, OH) May 2, 2008 - Customers will get their first chance to see one of Advanced
Poly-Packaging, Inc.'s newest packaging solutions at EastPack. The US-5500 Net-
Weigh/Counting Scale is designed with kit packagers in mind by integrating partitions
with LED lights and a traditional counting method. The lights tell the operator which
product to load and when the desired quantity is met. The US-5500 will be displayed as
part of a system that includes the T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger(TM) and the Ti-1000
Inline Thermal Transfer Printer.

We've also put together another system that includes the T-1000 and thermal transfer
printer along with several additional components, starting with the UC-2400 Vibratory
Parts Counter, which will separate, count and drop products into bags on the T-1000.
The bag is automatically sealed and conveyed to the US-4000 Rotary Check-Weigh
Scale to determine if the package meets pre-determined weight standards or proper
counts. If accepted, the package is taken on a second UF-2000 Incline Conveyor for

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc.
It's one example of how easily our components can integrate to perform thousands of
packaging applications.While the T-1000 is often the nucleus of a custom packaging system, we'll also show it alone with the Ti-1000. In all three cases, the T-1000 will be equipped with the LC-10 Light Safety Curtain, BF-10 Bag Deflator, BL-10 Bag Blow-Off Assembly and the AF-10 Accumulating Funnel.

Visitors to Booth #4539 will also see the company's tabletop baggers, the T-275, T-300
and T-375 (with patented "Next Bag Out" printing). These machines each come with a
different degree of automation and are generally used for smaller runs and simpler
applications, but don't let their size fool you. These baggers are rugged and fast (up to 70 bags per minute).

While the display offers an array of Advanced Poly-Packaging products, it is only
representative of a larger product line. Most importantly, the booth is staffed with
knowledgeable professionals who will develop a solution for your needs.

About Advanced Poly
Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. creates custom bagging solutions through its engineering,programming and technical service capabilities for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical,hobby/craft, jewelry, fastener, tool, cosmetic and other industries. The company's complete line of bagging and auxiliary equipment includes tabletop baggers, production bagging machines and fully customized systems that can include a range of scales, parts counters and conveyors.

The company also specializes in film extrusion, flexographic printing, and poly bag conversion to produce custom high-quality poly bags. Advanced Poly-Packaging is headquartered in Akron,OH and coordinates European sales and distribution from a satellite office in England.

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