Advanced Misting Systems Announces our New Line of Cost-Efficient Misting Fans Manufactured in Partnership with TPI Corporation

Palm Desert, CA – Advanced Misting Systems, a division of Advanced Systems and one of the leading online misting system, misting fan, and livestock cooling suppliers in the United States, has announced the roll-out of several new cost efficient misting products.  Included among them are an in-house line of portable and wall misting fans perfect for customers anxious to reduce their outdoor misting costs.

Advanced Misting Systems and TPI Corporation have combined to develop the AquaBreeze line of portable and wall misting fans, a high bred pump system that in terms of efficiency matches up with the finest systems in the industry.  The goal of AMS and TPI in joining in tandem was to create a line of products built to provide comfort not only through cooler temperatures but also through the gift of affordability.  That said, each and every one of these new systems have been redesigned, streamlined, and built for cost efficiency.  With summer and warmer temperatures just around the corner, this news bodes well for consumers and their pocketbooks.

“In the case of our wall misting fans, we were able to use the best equipment available while keeping the costs down,” says Mike Workman, owner of Advanced Misting Systems.  “In fact, all of the new products we’re rolling out reflect this goal.  By and large, all of them have the advantage of being very cost effective in terms of both their efficiency and competitive prices.”

In addition to the AquaBreeze system, Advanced Misting Systems has also added ventilation fans, brand fans, and humidification cooling fans by TPI along with a wider variety of high pressure pump systems, retro fit kits, and more.  The combination of new products adds a greater variety to what was already one of the most diverse selections of misting systems in the country. 

Advanced Misting Systems features a technically trained staff well educated in dust control, cooling fans, odor control, cooling systems and humidity control systems.  For additional information on the great selection of misting systems available at AMS and the system right for you call toll free at (800) 549-5077, or visit Advanced Misting Systems online at

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