Advanced Millimeter-wave Assemblies (MMWAs) Introduced by Millitech at IMS

Northampton, MA – Smiths Microwave Subsystems is pleased to announce that Millitech, the leader in millimeter-wave technology, will be reviewing a number of their latest and most advanced millimeter-wave assemblies (MMWAs) at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) May 23-26th in San Francisco, California, in booth #930. Responding to growing demands for E-, W-, and V-band products, the company has engineered assemblies with new levels of performance and integration.

E-Band Linear-Circular Polarizer

Their E-Band Linear-circular polarizer boasts a low axial ratio of < 0.6 dB, low insertion loss of < 0.5 dB, and can be optimized for any frequency you require from 18 to 110+ GHz. With over two times the bandwidth of similar products and an industry leading axial ratio performance, this polarizer is a first of its kind.

Millimeter-Wave GaN Power Amplifiers

Millitech’s Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power amplifiers represent a leap in output power at Ka, E-Band and W-Band with up to 20% power-added efficiency. Single device models are available with 5~10 watts at Ka-Band. Coming soon are 1W at E W-Band. Millitech’s leading efficiency in power combining is scalable to 4, 8 or 16-way and even higher depending on your requirements. Standard 2 4-Way models are pre-configured and up to 64-Way have been supplied.  

Series BUC, BDC: Active Upconverters and Downconverters

Millitech’s active, high power Upconverters and Downconverters integrate amplifiers, mixers, and filters into small and lightweight packages. Each BUC/BDC integrates amplifiers, a mixer, and a filter to generate a high power upconverter or a low noise figure downconverter. An SMA pulse/mute control input is available on all units for powering down stage 1 amplifiers.

Power Amplifiers and Driver Amplifiers

Millitech series AMP power amplifiers leverage advanced PHEMT MMICs and transistors to yield a higher power output from the 18 to 110 GHz frequency band. Strand amplifier interfaces include 2.92 mm coaxial connectors (0-40 GHz), 2.4 mm (0-50 GHz), 1.85 mm (0-65 GHz), and waveguide interfaces from WR-42 to WR-10. Multiple MMIC amplifier chips can be combined or cascaded in applications that require higher gain. The broadband features of these amplifiers makes them ideal for a myriad of applications including transceivers, upconverters, EW, instrumentation, and radar systems.

Spartan Test Modules™

The V- and E-Band Spartan Test Modules™ (STM) extend network analyzer coverage to 54-69 GHz or 68-90 GHz. Built in detectors also allow compatibility with scalar network analyzers. The RX module can function as a down-converter for spectrum analyzers as well. Excellent for V and E band testing for insertion loss, gain, or phase, these STM are a practical tool in any test lab and an excellent alternative to purchasing expensive additional test equipment for your test lab applications.

Stop by the Millitech booth, #930, during the show to discuss how these products, and their full lineup of millimeter-wave products and services, can help you meet your high frequency challenges.

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