Advanced Instruments to Feature Industry-Leading Food and Dairy Product Testing Solutions at Worldwide Food Expo '07

NORWOOD, MASS. - October 24, 2007 - Advanced Instruments, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Spiral Biotech and Delta Instruments, will highlight its world-class collection of leading dairy and food products testing and analysis solutions at the year's largest food and beverage processing, and packaging event in the world - the Worldwide Food Expo '07.

At the Worldwide Food Expo '07, Advanced Instruments, Inc., and its subsidiaries, will showcase a host of solutions and systems ranging from the world's only three-minute fluorometric test method with multiple international agency approvals to the industry's leading selection of consumable test materials. All represent leading solutions in their respective applications in terms of accuracy, reliability, efficiency, ease of use, and customer support.

Visit Advanced Instruments, Inc. and its subsidiaries at the Expo in Booth # S5145 for details about:

o The Fluorophos® Test System, the company's rapid, extremely sensitive fluorometric method that delivers accuracy over a range of ALP levels, including low values, for milk from cows (whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed and flavored) as well as from sheep, water buffalo, and goats. Benefits include higher precision, reproducibility, and a ten-fold improvement in test sensitivity. The Fluorophos Test System is a true international reference for the industry. In May 2007, the European Union (EU) adopted the Fluorimetric Method (ISO Standard 11816-1) as the new standard in assessing the correct pasteurization of milk. The system has also been unanimously approved as a full international standard method by The International Dairy Federation (IDF 155), the International Standards Organization, (ISO 11816), and the CEN European Standards Organization and is also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Interstate Milk Shippers, and AOAC International. Available from Advanced Instruments at

o The LactoScope FTIR Advanced(TM), a spectrophotometer with which the composition of milk and milk products is analyzed via mid-infrared technology. The LactoScope determines the amount of the constituents fat, protein, lactose and solids non-fat content with extreme accuracy. The LactoScope benefits a broad spectrum of applications, in particular of complex dairy products. The LactoScope features the ability to measure high viscose products (with a heavy-duty pump); ease of control; easy maintenance due to modular construction; and low operating costs and proven reliability due to modular construction. LactoScope models are available from Delta Instruments at

o The Color QCount® illuminates the way for faster, easier, and more accurate automated microbial enumeration. Utilizing the latest digital FireWire(TM) technology, the Color QCount allows users to capture full color sample images -- while its patented technology breaks through the limitations of clustered colonies to deliver sharp, error-free plate counts. The Color QCount's ease of use allows technicians to read plates quickly and efficiently -- resulting in an extraordinary savings of time that can now be better allocated to the performance of other important responsibilities. Available from Spiral Biotech at

o The Advanced 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope, which uses the industry-preferred freezing point method to precisely determine added water in milk. The 4250 delivers superior accuracy and reliability in two minutes, on-board sample identification, , and accurate results in either timed plateau or plateau-seeking mode. Available from Advanced Instruments at

o CryoLine(TM) Consumable Supplies, designed specifically to achieve the most accurate results from freezing point cryoscopes. CryoLine products are designed to ensure the quality of sample results, while meeting or exceeding ISO, HACCP, and QA/QC requirements. CryoLine supplies provide reliable, traceable materials for use with milk and dairy products -- offering stable results and assured monitoring and control of milk supply process and product integrity, from farm to finished product. Available from Advanced Instruments at

o The BagMixer®, a solid sample preparation system which blends sample materials with a stomach-like action in a sterile bag that preserves cells for better microbiological analysis. In use, the bag is repetitively squeezed to break up the contents while special filter bags automatically separate the juice or inoculums from the solids. The BagMixer is silent and easy to use and features variable time and speed of blending. A range of accessories is available to facilitate bag handling and storage. Available from Spiral Biotech at

For more information on any Advanced Instruments, Spiral Biotech or Delta Instruments solution, visit Booth # S5145 throughout the Worldwide Food Expo 2007. Or, contact Advanced Instruments online at,, our toll-free number (800) 225-4034 or
+1 (781) 320-9000.

About Advanced Instruments, Spiral Biotech and Delta Instruments
Founded in 1955, Advanced Instruments, Inc. is the world's largest supplier of freezing-point osmometers used in clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories. The company is also a leading supplier of analytical instruments and test kits for the food, dairy, and industrial microbiology markets. Based in Norwood, Massachusetts, USA, the company also produces Fiske® Associates brand diagnostic instruments and operates Spiral Biotech, Inc., and Delta Instruments as wholly-owned subsidiaries.

For nearly 30 years, Spiral Biotech, Inc. has developed and supported automated microbiology systems for food, dairy, and environmental sciences. Visit Spiral Biotech online at

Delta Instruments, an Advanced Instruments company is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for the analysis of cheese, milks, ice cream, and other dairy products. Delta Instruments' products include LactoScope(TM) analytical instruments for the accurate determination of fat, protein, lactose, and solids non-fat in cheese, milks, ice cream and other specialty and complex products; the SomaScope(TM) instrument, which measures the total somatic cell count in raw milk; and the CombiScope(TM) a precision analyzer which measures both the chemical composition as well as the total somatic cell count of raw milk. Visit Delta Instruments online at

Advanced Instruments' products are supported by a worldwide network of direct sales people and independent distributors. Reach Advanced Instruments online at or contact customer service at (800)225-4034 or +1(781)320-9000.

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