Adjustable Clamp Handles & Levers Adapt to Fixture, Workholding Needs

Fixtureworks (Fraser, MI), supplier of Kipp® mechanical accessory components including adjustable handles, knobs, handles and hand wheels now supplements its product offering by featuring the full range of position-adjustable torque, tensioning and tightening handles and levers developed by Kipp. Providing a 360° free-rotation handle repositioning capability, the Kipp adjustable handles and levers are ideal for use in fixtures and jigs requiring clamping and torque forces where full handle rotation is restricted by workpiece or limited because of fixture elements and construction. The handles operate via male and female spline components that, when the handle is lifted, disengages these mating parts and allows the handle to rotate freely to any position. When released, the spring loaded handle drops down and reengages the spline drives, and is ready for further tightening, applying additional torque, or for releasing the tension and clamping action.

The Kipp line of adjustable handles is extensive with over 2400 variations, not including color options. Among the selectable features for the handles are construction materials of steel, zinc die cast and molded plastic handles, straight or angled, with male or female thread attachment, and fitted with inch (from a minimum of 8-32 thru 3/4-10) or metric (M4 thru M24) threads. There are also choices of standard size low profile, steel or stainless steel with male or female threads. Handle lengths for the product offering range from a compact 46mm to a rugged 148mm. Positioning adjustments consist of from 16 teeth on the smallest size handle assemblies up to 36 teeth on the larger units, assuring long life and secure engagement.

The adjustable tension levers feature steel construction with a black powder coat or black oxide finish and plastic knob at the handle end. Adjustable clamp levers featuring zinc die cast, steel or stainless steel rod and ball knob-style handles are available with black satin, silver metallic finish, or a silver-grey hammer tone powder coating while stainless handles are electro-polished. Zinc die cast clamp handles with formed handgrips are offered with black satin or orange finish. The molded plastic clamp handles are available in dark grey, orange, green, red, yellow and blue colors with internal parts of either steel/black oxide finish or stainless steel construction.

In addition to the adjustable lever and handle products, Fixtureworks also supplies Kipp® ball lock pins; knurled nuts and thumb screws; palm, star, ball, wing and clamp grips; ball knobs; spoke and disc hand wheels; machine handles and pull handles along with a complete line of spring plungers. Fixtureworks, as a leading single source supplier of workholding and fixturing technologies, also provides Imao® clamps, modular fixturing and set-up accessories; OK-Vise® fixturing clamps; Mitee-Bite® low-profile edge clamps; and Fairlane Products® rest pads, grippers, Swivots,® Quick Release Ball Lock Pins and bumpers.

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