Adhesive Dispense Valve makes precise deposits.

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Compact MicroDot(TM) 741MD-SS needle valve makes microdeposits as small as 0.007 in. dia. Internal needle seats in hub of dispensing tip reduces amount of dead fluid between needle seat and substrate. Pneumatically operated valve applies variety of assembly fluids including UV-cure adhesives, solvents, lubricants, and epoxies. Calibration knob allows user to restore valve stroke setting and tip-to-substrate distance when new dispensing tip is installed.

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New MicroDot(TM) Dispense Valve Makes Ultra-Precise Adhesive Deposits

East Providence, RI USA - The EFD MicroDot(TM) needle valve is the most accurate valve on the market for making microdeposits as small as 0.007 inches in diameter. Unlike typical needle valves, the internal needle of the 741MD-SS MicroDot seats in the hub of the dispensing tip instead of in the valve body. This unique design provides superior control of deposit size by reducing the amount of "dead" fluid between the needle seat and substrate to the absolute minimum.

The compact, pneumatically operated 741MD-SS valve applies consistent, precise amounts of most assembly fluids ranging from UV-cure adhesives to solvents, lubricants and epoxies. This high-performance valve is ideal for critical bonding applications on medical devices, fiber optic components, disk drives and similar products. It will provide extremely accurate results with the 22 to 33 gage dispensing tips often used in these processes.

The valve also features a handy calibration knob that allows the user to quickly restore the correct valve stroke setting and tip-to-substrate distance whenever a new dispensing tip is installed.

Operation of the MicroDot(TM) valve is regulated with an EFD VALVEMATE(TM) 7000 controller that simplifies setup and allows valve open time to be adjusted at the dispensing station. The dedicated controller gives the user exceptional control over the amount of assembly fluid applied, without the need to reprogram a PLC or interrupt production.

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