Addex Inc. Introduces New Upgrades for Auto-Profile Systems at NPE 2015

STOUGHTON, Mass. – Addex Inc., a leading global supplier of auto-profile and other related systems for blown film lines, has announced a wide range of new upgrades.

For non-Addex auto-profile systems, Addex offers significantly improved performance by integrating its automatic air ring - boasting an industry-leading number of control zones - with existing auto-profile components. Meanwhile, for its own existing systems, Addex has made significant electronics upgrades to improve connections and greatly reduce maintenance requirements. Addex will highlight the upgrades at NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase (Booth #W3283) March 23-27 in Orlando, Fla.

These new software-related functionalities deliver greater flexibility for processors, enabling easy retrofits of existing or new systems in order to provide reduced thickness variation, which results in increased yields and raw material savings.

Addex has completed a major overhaul of its auto-profile hardware and software, utilizing the latest electronic miniaturization and distributed controls. It also increased the number of thickness measuring devices from the cost-saving ALF (all Lay-Flat) capacitive sensor mounted in the collapsing frame to the highly sophisticated IR (Infra-Red) scanner in the lay-flat with its barrier material discerning capability.

The new upgrades are part of Addex's continuing effort to develop enhanced products that assist processors by increasing yields and reducing raw material use.

Among the new auto-profile functionalities are a new Smart-Fusion distributed control with Ethernet point-to-point connectivity and AC power which provides the only interconnection between major modules. An identical electronic Smart-Fusion control "blueboard" (with different programming) distributes locally to each main function of the gauge control system.

A new user interface panel (UI) replaces the existing systems' main control panel, and is based on a Windows 7 Pro-based touchscreen PC. It has a separate Ethernet channel for plant data mining and centralized connection to other modules. An Auto-Profile Converter Module (ACM) replaces the existing automatic air ring junction box and provides local control over the air ring/pancakes including the control algorithm itself.

Other key upgrades include a Live Ring (LR) module which replaces the present Live Ring junction box and all electronics. Turck pre-made cables provide plug-and-play connection to the LR module. In addition, the Shuttle Module (SH) replaces the current Shuttle junction box and all electronics except the thickness measuring sensor. Again, Turck pre-made cables provide plug-and-play connection.

Another key upgrade is the Mapper Module (MAP) + 485 Convertor Modules which replace the existing 485 hand-wired modules. The MAP module is located near the reversing nip unit and provides a fully mapped thickness profile based on input from the Live Ring and Shuttle Modules as well as being directly connected to the reversing nip position and the nip roll speed.

At the NPE show, Addex will exhibit three Auto-Profile systems: one with the ALF (All Lay-Flat) capacitive sensor module, another with the Kundig non-contact capacitive sensor, and the third with an Addex Live Ring and all of the above mentioned upgrades.

Also on display will be Addex's Digital Internal Bubble Cooling (DIBC) system which delivers the fastest reaction time in the industry to ensure precise bubble control, helping processors speed product changeovers and significantly reduce scrap.

Another key highlight will be Addex's well-established Manual Gauge Control (MGC) Air Ring which permits selective adjustment to correct film gauge deviation. A HDPE air ring will also be displayed.

About Addex Inc.

Addex Inc., based in Stoughton, Mass., USA, was founded in July 1989 as a supplier of high-performance components for blown film production. Today, Addex focuses on material-saving technologies with its patented automatic and manual gauge controls and IBC control systems. For more information, visit

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