Added Flexibility in Soldering and Desoldering

OK International announces four new soldering/desoldering equipment packages as additions to its MFR Series. Setting new standards for flexibility, capability, reliability and value in high-performance rework equipment.

Unique design features, state-of-the-art tools and a range of upgrade options. The MFR Soldering/Desoldering Systems are the latest range of soldering/desoldering equipment from OK International. Designed to offer assembly companies a solution tailored to their needs, whatever their size, manufacturing volume, product complexity and budgetary constraints.

The MFR-DSI and MFR-DSX Systems for desoldering, comprise OK International's compact bench-top MFR power supply and its innovative desolder gun. Equipped with an internal air pump, MFR-DSI is ideal for small manufacturers that do not use compressed air, and for desoldering tasks performed away from the workbench. The MFR/DSX uses compressed shop air, making it powerful and ideal for higher volume desoldering tasks.

OK International adds its high-performance soldering and rework hand-piece and tip cartridge to the units above to create two soldering, desoldering and rework options: the MFR-SDI with internal air pump, and the MFR-SDX with external compressed air.

All four packages use lightweight MFR Soldering/Desoldering System hand-pieces, whose unique features ensure high quality, cost-effective performance.

The handle of the desoldering tool is fully adjustable from "gun" to "pencil" position, offering maximum operator comfort. Like all the MFR System hand-pieces, it incorporates a reactivation switch that senses when it is in use, and that works with "Auto Standby" and "Auto Off" functions to save on energy usage and prolong tip life.

The large-capacity chamber that catches molten solder during desoldering is made of thermal plastic, rather than potentially hazardous glass. It contains a disposable paper filter that, once full, is simply tapped gently out of the chamber for easy substitution. Also in the chamber is a fume filter that traps the solder fumes that can harden on cooling and block the pumps.

The press-fit desoldering tips make changeovers easy. The operator simply handles the tips using a heat-resistant cartridge removal pad. This represents a major departure from the normal screw-fit tips that require special tools for attachment and removal. Operations that are unwieldy, especially when the tips are hot, and that can potentially damage the thread, or crush or break the tips.

The range of desoldering tips includes long-reach geometries for easy access to high-density areas on the PCB.

All OK International soldering/desoldering tips are driven by proprietary SmartHeat' technology. This technology, unique to OK International, takes the guesswork out of heat management by sensing the amount of heat energy needed at the pad and providing this accurately and instantaneously. In this way, reliability and quality are guaranteed, cost of ownership is minimised, throughput is maximized and the PCB and components are protected from heat damage.

Special LEDs on the power unit show whether the unit or a hand-piece are powered up, in 'standby' or 'off'. Most importantly, they will flag when the system or a tool are not grounded, and the unit will shut down. This feature is only found on OK International MFR Systems and is essential when working on static-sensitive devices.

Thanks to the modularity of the MFR Soldering/Desoldering System, users build their equipment as their volume and requirements change. The power units offer two ports to which any of the MFR Series tools can be attached, and for heavier or more varied workloads, multiple units can be slotted together to power as many tools as necessary.

With the MFR Series and its new cost-effective, high-performance solder/desolder packages, OK International proves once again its leadership in the supply of production assembly equipment.

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