ActiveLED® High Bay Round Light Delivers Performance and Durability to Highest Standards

AUSTIN, Texas -- Unlike Conventional Lighting Sources, ActiveLED Lighting Experiences no Light Loss

Ringdale Inc., a leading U.S. developer and manufacturer of commercial LED luminaires, announces that after three years of production and installations, its ActiveLED® High Bay Round Light continues to operate at no light loss, a testament to its benchmark performance, efficacy and durability. Customers looking to replace conventional, inefficient and noisy high pressure sodium (HPS) and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting for more sustainable, totally quiet lighting in manufacturing plants, warehouses and other "high bay" facilities have turned to the ActiveLED High Bay Round Light.

In Hillsboro, Texas, south of Dallas, Ringdale converted 250-watt HPS lights in the Hill County Men's Correctional Facility gymnasium to ActiveLED High Bay Round lights. "We are very impressed with the light quality coming from the ActiveLED fixtures," said Hill County Chief Deputy Stephen Girsh.

"Unlike the old lights, the ActiveLED fixtures provide a crisper, more uniform light with softer shadows. We also look forward to passing on the lower energy costs to our taxpayers."

The 78-watt ActiveLED High Bay Round Light provides bright, uniform coverage while saving up to 85% in energy consumption. With the ever-increasing rise in energy costs, the High Bay Round Light "makes it a better hedge for the future," said Klaus Bollmann, CEO, Ringdale.

Rated at 90,000 lumen hours (24/7 is 8,760 hours per year), ActiveLED lights are the longest lasting LED light fixture on the market, which also helps lower maintenance costs. With the addition of Ringdale's LightSpace® Manager(TM) digital management solution, a facility's utility bill can be further reduced an additional 10-25%.

Another next generation energy efficient feature of the ActiveLED High Bay Round Light is its "all voltage" (100V...277V) and 48V DC approach. The light can be backed up by a Ringdale Battery Pack or be driven from a 48V DC power supply. This cannot be done with conventional lighting technology.

Like all Ringdale luminaires, the ActiveLED High Bay Round Light comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty on its LED device and fixture and 5-year warranty on its power source.

About Ringdale
Ringdale focuses on helping organizations incorporate green savings into their business environments. Ringdale provides ActiveLED® luminaires with patented, solid-state lighting control and thermal management technology as well as a wide range of secure document output management, access control and document workflow solutions. Ringdale, Inc. is based in the United States with offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore and is part of the Network Technology PLC Group of Companies. Visit Ringdale at

For more information on ActiveLED Lighting, contact Ringdale in the United States at +1-512-288-9080 or in the United Kingdom at

Source: Network Technology

Contact: Susan Vaughan, Ringdale, Inc., Direct: +1-512-288-9080; For more information on ActiveLED Lighting, contact Ringdale in the United States at +1-512-288-9080 or in the United Kingdom at +44-1444-871-349.

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