Active RFID Tags monitor condition of global shipments.

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SensorTags ST-673 and ST-674 monitor temperature and humidity of shipments vulnerable to environmental conditions as they move through supply chain. Along with RFID components, 6 x 2 in. products have up to 128 KB of memory storage for recording environmental status data to event log that can be escalated to RF reader, Web application, cell phone, or email if reading exceeds specified parameters. Tags can be affixed to metal, plastic, wood, and cardboard containers.

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Savi Technology Releases New RFID Sensor Tags to Track and Monitor the Condition of Global Shipments

New Mounting Options of Savi Sensor Tags (ST-673 and ST-674) Can Be Affixed to Metal, Plastic, Wood, Cardboard and Other Containers

LAS VEGAS, May 2 / Savi Technology, a leading provider of RFID-based supply chain solutions, today announced the release of two innovative sensor tags that reduce spoilage and damage by monitoring the temperature and humidity of military and commercial shipments, including aircraft engines, ammunition, medical supplies, food stuffs, and other perishables vulnerable to environmental conditions as they move through the supply chain. The Savi SensorTag ST-673 and ST-674 were introduced here during the RFID Live! 4th Annual Conference and Exhibition at Savi's booth (#223).

In addition to RFID components that automatically locate goods in the supply chain, the ST-673 and ST-674 contain sensors that monitor temperature and humidity changes of the container's contents or other supply chain assets. When commissioning the tags, users can set acceptable temperature and humidity ranges tailored to the characteristics of the particular goods to be monitored.

The Savi ST-673 and ST-674 are active RFID tags that provide visibility to assets and shipments as they move through the supply chain. In addition, the tags periodically record the environmental status data to an event log in the Savi SensorTag's memory. If the collected data rises or falls outside the acceptable condition range, the Savi SensorTag sends a real-time alarm to a fixed or mobile RF reader, and notification of the temperature or humidity change is escalated via a web application, cell phone or email, allowing the problem to be addressed immediately before spoilage or damage occurs.

The complete environmental event logs can be uploaded to handheld readers or to fixed readers at stationary sites such as yards and warehouses in the supply chain. This enables users to identify the time and location of unacceptable environmental conditions, or to confirm that acceptable ranges, and therefore shipment quality, are maintained throughout the journey.

"By alerting users to problematic environmental conditions when goods are moving through the supply chain, these new active RFID products reduce losses due to spoilage or damage," said David Kranzler, Savi's senior vice president of Product Development. "With these new additions, Savi now offers a full and flexible portfolio of sensor tags that enables us to provide the optimum product for each of the most widely used types of containers and supply chain assets."

The ST-673 and ST-674 sensor tags are each about 6x2 inches, have memory storage of up to 128K bytes of data and are highly ruggedized for harsh environments. The two newest additions to Savi's growing family of active RFID sensor tags provide new form factors and mounting options to accommodate a wide range of metal and non-metal containers:

o Savi SensorTag ST-673, a data-rich, active RFID tag with a metallic mounting bracket for metal containers, engine frames and other metal assets that enables shippers, carriers and logistics service providers to monitor in real-time the location, temperature and humidity of perishables sensitive to spoilage, or to assets such as aircraft engines that are susceptible to corrosion or rust as they move through the supply chain.

o Savi SensorTag ST-674, which is also a data-rich active RFID sensor tag, comes with a sleeve enabling it to be fastened inside plastic, polycarbon, cardboard or wooden totes and containers or attached to pallets during transportation or on warehouse racks, shelves or other fixtures during storage. The ST-674 monitors in real-time the location, temperature and humidity of shipments such as ammunition, medical supplies, food stuffs, and other perishables sensitive to spoilage as they move through the supply chain.

The ST-673 and ST-674 extend Savi's existing line of proven active RFID sensor and security tags, which include the ST-676 and ST-661. The Savi sensor Tag ST-676 has a U-shaped design enabling it to be clamped tightly onto the doors of ISO cargo containers. Sensors embedded in the ST-676 can detect door intrusions and light, temperature, humidity and shock conditions inside the container. The Savi ST-661 is a single-use security tag developed in conjunction with E.J Brooks that can detect door intrusions of intermodal containers

Savi Technology's active RFID tags, which have been deployed to track over two million shipments in over 2,000 supply chain locations for defense and commercial customers, include read ranges of up to 300 feet, beepers for audio location and rugged designs that can withstand the most harsh climatic conditions.

Savi's family of active RFID tags are based on Savi's EchoPoint Technology, an innovative technology that combines Ultra High Frequency (433.92 MHz) and Low Frequency (123 kHz) communications for both long-range and more precise spot-level location. This technology also enables data to be written to the tags while they're in-transit, as well as to capture important data about the shipment from mobile readers.

The active tags are based on ISO 18000-7 standards operating at 433.92 MHz, which has proven to be the most effective RFID frequency for bending around metal objects such as metal containers.

About Savi Technology

With over 16 years experience, Savi Technology is a leading provider of active RFID solutions for the management of supply chain assets, shipments and consignments. Savi's networked active RFID solutions track shipments for government and commercial organizations around the world. Savi Technology's integrated RFID hardware and software solutions drive business value, enabling customers to reduce their supply chain assets, inventory and operational costs. Founded in 1989, Savi Technology is privately held, with headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., and offices in Washington D.C., London, Singapore, Johannesburg, and Melbourne. For more information, visit

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