Active Range-Gated Camera enhances airborne imaging turrets.

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Modular Active Range-Gated Camera accelerates deployment of Active Range-Gated Imaging capability in existing Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets. It is comprised of control module; camera module with intensified horizontal camera; and optical module with triple divergence laser (1°, 5°, and 8°) and color camera with 1.2° to 47° field of view. With typical range of 5-20 km, solution offers real-time operation in total darkness without external light source or moonlight.

Original Press Release:

Obzerv Commercially Releases a Modular Active Range-Gated Camera for Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets

QUEBEC, Canada -- Obzerv Technologies Inc. today announces the commercial availability of a Modular Active Range-Gated Camera. Airborne Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets manufacturers around the world are constantly increasing the number of sensors available as well as their performances. The commercial availability of Obzerv's Modular Range-Gated Camera, will fast-track the deployment of Active Range-Gated Imaging capability in existing Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets.

The identification performances of Obzerv's land-based cameras are second to none and have driven their deployment around the world in mission critical applications. The benefits of integrating an Active Range-Gating Imaging sensor into a Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets are numerous and would apply to a large number of airborne applications such as, but not limited to: Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), law enforcement, fishery control and monitoring of environmental compliance to regulation, all of which that can now be conducted at safe stand-off ranges. Another notable application for such product is Search and Rescue (SAR). Specifically in the case of Airborne SAR missions at sea, Obzerv's technology could drastically improve the success rate since the reflective stripes of life vests, or flotation devices, appear like a light beacons when observed with an Active Range-Gated Camera. Furthermore, Obzerv's technology has the inherent ability to display the difference in reflectivity between camouflage nets and the environment where they are used, an undeniable tactical advantage when performing airborne recon missions.

"We are proud of the integration and miniaturization challenges that have been overcome with the development of this modular camera. Our goal was to deliver the smallest possible payload to enable Active Range-Gated Imaging in existing Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets without sacrificing any other capabilities, hence providing a net operational advantage to existing products," said Louis Demers CTO & Co-Founder of Obzerv Technologies.

This new Modular Active Range-Gated Camera is the first member of a family of products aimed at facilitating the integration of Active Range-Gated Imaging in Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets. This new Modular Camera has been installed in the MX-20 multi-sensor, multi-spectral imaging system from L-3 WESCAM.


Obzerv acknowledges the support and contribution of Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC-Valcartier) for its early vision in regards to the commercialization of Active Range-Gated Imaging technology. DRDC-V's ongoing commitment toward new domain of applications for Active Range-Gated Imaging has allowed Obzerv to release this new product for Multi-Spectral Imaging Turrets.

About Obzerv

Founded in 2002, Obzerv Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Quebec City, QC, Canada. Obzerv is specialized in the design and manufacturing of Active Range-Gated Imaging Systems for night vision and long-range surveillance. Obzerv's cameras have been deployed around the world and integrated in numerous surveillance systems. Coastal and border surveillance, ports and airports surrounding environment surveillance, large industrial properties surveillance as well as Homeland Security are just a few applications where Obzerv's cameras can be used.

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