Active Power Quality Filters are microprocessor controlled.

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PQF series is designed for active harmonic filtering, load balancing, and reactive power compensation. Designed to solve harmonic and neutral current related problems, wall-mount PQFS range works equally with 3-phase, 3-wire or 3-phase, 4-wire systems. PQFM range, suited for active filtering of lower-capacity, 3-phase industrial loads, can comprise one master and up to 7 slave units. It is suitable for direct connection up to 600 V.

Original Press Release:

ABB Expands Its PQF Series of Active Power Quality Filters

Extended PQF series provides more power in fewer cubicles/enclosures

June 19 2008 - ABB has further extended its PQF series of microprocessor controlled active power quality filters for active harmonic filtering, load balancing and reactive power compensation to provide more power in fewer cubicles/enclosures. The extensions to the PQF series cover both the PQFS range, designed to solve harmonic and neutral current related problems in commercial buildings and small industrial applications and the PQFM range for active filtering of lower capacity three-phase industrial loads.

Extended PQFS range

The PQFS is a compact wall-mounting unit that has the versatility to work equally well with three-phase, three-wire or three-phase, four-wire systems. It is ideally suited for smaller and medium loads where the equipment is connected between line and neutral or line and line or a mix of all these types.

The unique feature of load balancing between line and neutral enables the PQFS to reduce even the fundamental frequency current in the neutral, normally present due to unbalanced loading between phases, as well as filtering the harmonic currents from the line and neutral conductors.

Previously, the PQFS was available in three power ranges of 30A, 40A and 60A rms. This has been extended with four further power ranges of 70A, 80A, 90A and 100A for both 240V and 415V applications. This provides additional flexibility for an installer to meet their power quality needs with an extremely cost-effective solution based on a minimum of hardware units. For example, a 240A PQFS solution can now be constructed from three 80A units, where four 60A units would be needed.

Extended PQFM range
The PQFM is ideal for lower capacity three-phase industrial loads and can comprise of one master and up to seven slave units. It is suitable for direct connection up to 600 V and is offered in two voltage groups: 208V to 480V (V1) and 480V to 600V (V2). The new models extend the V1 range to cover the power ranges of 70A, 100A, 130A and 150A


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