Acoustical Solutions Lowers Prices on Industry Staple

RICHMOND, VA - Acoustical Solutions, Inc., a leading supplier of soundproofing and noise control products, today announced it has drastically reduced its prices on an industry standard, AudioSeal mass loaded vinyl sound barrier.

Since replacing lead sound barriers in the 1970s, mass loaded vinyl (MLV) has become one of the most versatile soundproofing products available. It blocks sound transmission in walls, ceilings or floors and is perfect for applications ranging from home theaters and media rooms to hotels and apartments.

"At Acoustical Solutions we are always reviewing our product offerings and looking for ways to better service our customers," said David Ingersoll, Acoustical Solutions national sales manager. "So reducing the prices of our vinyl sound barriers, which are such popular and useful products, was a natural step for us."

Ingersoll also cited Acoustical Solutions' Ultimate Guarantee.

"Our guarantee states that we will deliver the best solutions, the best prices and the best customer service in our industry, and we intend to fully live up to that promise every day," he said.

Audioseal(TM) Sound Barrier has a STC (sound transmission coefficient) rating of 27. It is tear resistant, yet easy to cut with a utility knife. Standard roll size is 54" x 30'.

Commonly used in new construction and also to correct noise problems in existing spaces, Audioseal(TM) is available in a non-reinforced version for indoor applications such as wall and ceiling installations and a reinforced version for outdoor installations such as fencing and enclosures.

About Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Since 1989 Acoustical Solutions, Inc. has provided the detailed expertise needed to serve the noise control community.

Acoustical Solutions, Inc. works with a wide variety of customers from commercial and residential development to worship facilities, recording studios and home theater designers. Acoustical Solutions, Inc. offers the industry's most comprehensive selection of noise control and soundproofing products, including a full line of indoor and outdoor industrial, commercial, environmental and architectural noise control products.

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