Acoustic Testing Software offers acoustics prediction/modeling.

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ODEON v10 room acoustics prediction and auralization software features full orchestra music for simulated room acoustic testing. Recordings include each orchestra member playing 4 different pieces of music, allowing user to simulate orchestras of different sizes and with different spatial configuration. Filters, equalizers, and delays are integrated as well as visual displays like near-field radiation pattern, far-field balloon, and SPL coverage of direct sound on audience area.

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Musical Modelling

Bruel & Kjaer's latest room acoustics prediction and auralisation software - ODEON Version 10 - has a range of significant enhancements, including full orchestra music for simulated room acoustic testing.

The high-quality, anechoic recordings, courtesy of Helsinki Technical University, contains each orchestra member playing four different pieces of music. This library allows the user to simulate symphony orchestras of different sizes - and with different spatial configuration. Each musician can be placed separately and mixed into the auralisation of all the musical instruments.

As array loudspeakers and beam-steered arrays are typically used in large open spaces ODEON Version 10 (Auditorium and Combined) makes it possible for the sound tester to model or import their own arrays, to see how they interact in different rooms.

All necessary filters, equalizers and delays are included in the ODEON modelling. The visual displays include the near-field radiation pattern, far-field balloon and the SPL coverage of direct sound on the audience area. Support for array loudspeakers makes ODEON ideal for testing room acoustics and PA design.

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