Acergy Expands ROV Fleet with Third Ultraheavy-Duty Schilling UHD(TM) System

Davis, California - September 18, 2006. Schilling Robotics, a leading producer of remotely operated underwater vehicles, recently completed the sale of its ultraheavy-duty ROV system, the UHD(TM) 09, to Acergy, a leading seabed-to-surface engineering and construction contractor for the offshore oil and gas industry.

The system is based on Schilling's standard UHD system, but incorporates features that enhance operational efficiency by allowing easy and flexible configuration for mission-specific tasks. The system will feature 150 shp and is rated for 3000-meter operation. This marks the ninth vehicle order in Schilling's UHD product line.

Acergy's purchase in March 2006 of two Schilling Robotics UHD systems, UHD 07 and UHD 08, marked the beginning of a collaboration between Acergy and Schilling to produce a new fleet vehicle for Acergy. Unlike the UHD 07 and 08 systems, however, the UHD 09 will be supplied without a tether management system (TMS). The vehicle will be specifically configured to support high-speed, lownoise,free-flying survey systems.

The ROV system will be installed on Acergy's new vessel, the Acergy Viking, and will operate primarily in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. While all three ROV systems for Acergy will encompass the core UHD technologies, they will also benefit from Acergy's experience with component layout, frame design, and use of tooling packages. The final design will be tailored to Acergy's specific and exacting remote intervention and survey requirements.

"The application of custom design systems, such as the collaboration we have with Acergy, demonstrates the ingenuity and progressive corporate model that Schilling Robotics was built on," says Jason Stanley, Schilling Robotics VP and Regional Manager. "The UHD 09's advanced technology and innovative strategies for communications and control will enhance the power and flexibility of Acergy's ROV fleet."

About Schilling Robotics, LLC
Headquartered in Davis, California, with regional offices in Houston and Aberdeen, Schilling Robotics designs and delivers the highest-performing, most advanced subsea robotics, control systems, and components for use in the world's harshest environments. The company brings over 20 years of technology expertise and innovation in control, communication, and actuation to the challenges facing customers in subsea environments.

About Acergy
Acergy S.A. is a seabed-to-surface engineering and construction contractor for the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide. Acergy plans, designs and delivers complex, integrated projects in harsh and challenging environments. Acergy operates internationally as one group globally aware and locally sensitive, sharing expertise and experience to create innovative solutions. Acergy is more than a solution
provider, it is a solution partner ready to make long-term investments in people, assets, know-how and relationships in support of its clients.

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