AccuSense Temperature Sensor Line

Built to Order RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple, and Semiconductor Sensor Assemblies for OEMs and Volume Users

Product Highlights
Custom designs are the heart of Thermalogic's temperature sensor business. You are no longer limited to off the shelf sensors. Thermalogic has streamlined the process of quickly modifying its extensive library of sensor designs to fit your application exactly - both electrically and mechanically. Infinite combinations of sensing elements, tubing, lead wire, termination, fittings and calibration can be assembled to fulfill your precise needs. This allows us to deliver replacement or new sensors in as little time as delivery of standard parts from other suppliers.

o Large selection of tubing, fittings, and mounting options
o Coated sheath option
o PVC, teflon, or armored cable
o Special shapes, cable and fittings
o Sensor curve matching
o Four Year Warranty

Industrial Applications
Thermalogic customers comprise a cross section of industry and business, including but not limited to food processing and service, test equipment, fabrication machinery, rail transportation, cooling and heating equipment, semiconductor processing, environmental treatment, and laboratory apparatus.

Thermistor Sensor Specifications:
o High stability
o Industry standard or special curves
o Ranges from -40 to 250 C (-40 to 500 F)
o Choice of element tolerance

RTD Sensor Specifications:
o Rugged platinum film elements
o Industry standard or special curves
o Ranges from -55 to 450 C (-67 to 900 F)
o Choice of element tolerance

Thermocouple Sensor Specifications:
o Grounded or Un-grounded
o Ranges from -100 to 450 C (-148 to 900 F)

Semiconductor Sensor Specifications:
o Selection of industry standard elements and ranges
o Practical mounting of semiconductor cases

About Thermalogic
Thermalogic began in 1971 as a supplier of temperature sensors and rugged, encapsulated analog temperature control modules, which are still an ideal solution for numerous control and sensing situations. We expanded our product lines to include humidity controls and sensors in the early 1990's. Our line of control & sensor designs and products has steadily expanded over the decades, providing cost effective solutions ranging from large multiple zone digital to mini analog controls and many sensor capabilities tailored to exact job requirements.

For more information on the AccuSense line and all of our temperature and humidity control and sensor products please contact:

Thermalogic Corporation
22 Kane Industrial Dr.
Hudson, MA 01749
Toll Free 1-800-343-4492
Fax 1-978-562-6753

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