AccuNurse® Voice-Assisted Care Now Integrates with Nurse Call Systems and Offers Trackable Room Paging

Functionality Improves Productivity for Direct Care Team and Provides Residents with Feeling of Home Comfort

PITTSBURGH, May 21 -- Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc. announces that AccuNurse voice-assisted care can now be integrated with electronic nurse call systems, eliminating the need for caregivers to wear separate pagers or other devices. Caregivers and nurses can also initiate resident room pages with simple voice requests. All can be monitored in AccuNurse for timeliness of response. These latest enhancements to AccuNurse result in more productive, responsive communications for the direct care team, and improved quality of care for residents in long-term care facilities.

AccuNurse helps residents, caregivers, and nurses more effectively communicate in three ways:

o Residents can initiate a nurse call, and the installed electronic
nurse-call system immediately routes the request to AccuNurse.
o Caregivers wearing AccuNurse headsets can say 'room page' at any time
and specify a resident's room for which they would like to initiate a
o Nurses can initiate a room page to any staff member through AccuNurse
at the nurse's station.

In all three cases, AccuNurse automatically routes the page to the caregiver of record assigned to the resident for the shift, and he or she is notified immediately with an audible prompt from AccuNurse. If that caregiver is busy, the page automatically routes to the nurse's station. The status of resident nurse calls and room pages can be monitored and tracked by nursing staff in AccuNurse at any time.

"AccuNurse helps organizations achieve better communication and better quality of care by empowering caregivers with voice," said James Quasey, president of Vocollect Healthcare Systems. "The benefit of AccuNurse's room pages and integration with nurse call systems is that all pages can be tracked. At the nurse's station, the nursing staff can see in AccuNurse who has been paged, when caregivers have responded, and how long pages remain unanswered."

There is now a closed loop, which means better quality of care for residents, more productive management of care staff, and more responsive communication between caregivers. It also means the elimination of disruptive, overhead paging in the facilities. Everyone enjoys a quieter workplace, and residents experience an environment more reminiscent of home comfort.

Heritage Towers, located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and Evangelical Manor, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are two full-service Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) that operate under the auspices of Wesley Enhanced Living in Southampton, Pennsylvania. Both facilities utilize AccuNurse and are seeing performance improvements after integrating AccuNurse with their nurse call systems.

According to Suzanne Lachman, director of long-term care for Wesley Enhanced Living, "AccuNurse is now integrated with our nurse call systems and it's already proven to be outstanding for us. With this enhanced paging capability, the CNA need not be within earshot or at the nursing station to view a flashing light. Also, if they cannot respond immediately to the call, they can page others for immediate assistance. This not only helps CNAs prioritize their time and tasks, but it helps them to be more attentive to residents' needs. This feature alone has shaved two minutes in our response time to residents, which means we respond 50% faster to their needs, which is significant. It's yet another way to improve efficiency, productivity of staff and resident care."

"The biggest advantage is that calls are being answered faster, enabling our care team to be more attentive to the needs of residents," said Tina Graves, RN and unit manager at Evangelical Manor. "When you're on the floor, it's all about time and multi-tasking, and AccuNurse provides enhanced communication, all driven by voice cues, which makes it easy to understand and respond to in a productive manner. This helps our staff and our residents, and our care team is very pleased with those outcomes."

About Vocollect Healthcare Systems

Vocollect Healthcare Systems, a subsidiary of Vocollect, Inc., brings the power of voice to caregivers in long-term care facilities. Using simple spoken dialog, staff hear care plan details and document activities as they are completed, using the most natural form of communication available: voice. The result is better documentation, better communication, and better care.

Source: Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc.

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