Access Flooring handles 3,000 lb rolling loads.

Press Release Summary:

Series HD 3500, for cleanrooms and data centers, is offered in solid and perforated, die-cast aluminum panels, in 24 x 24 in. and 600 x 600 mm sizes. Using CISCA concentrated load test, HD 3500 series deflects 0.080 in. under concentrated static load of 4000 lb for solid panel, and 3600 lb for perforated panel. Panels come in variety of tile finishes, in static dissipative and conductive ranges with autocatalytic nickel, nickel chrome, or conductive epoxy coating.

Original Press Release:

Heavy Duty Access Flooring for Cleanrooms and Data Centers Is 50% Stronger; Handles Increasing Loads

The first raised access floor panel capable of supporting over a 3,000 pound rolling load enables cleanroom and data center operators to upgrade their facilities more safely, quickly and cost effectively. The Maxcess HD 3500 Series access flooring panel is so strong that it eliminates the costs and hassles of temporary protective plating or bracing of access flooring when moving heavy equipment across the floor. Additionally, the flooring comes with a five-year warrantee for both performance and workmanship versus competitors' one-year warrantee.

"These panels are the strongest on the market," says Mark Krauk, Maxcess Technologies, Inc., Summerville, SC. "In one beta site application, a 20,000-pound semiconductor tool moved across the flooring without damage. When you're working with such heavy, costly equipment, the last thing you need is to damage the floor and to compromise the move-in. With Maxcess HD 3500 access flooring panels, you don't have to think twice."

It's the flooring's inherent strength that reduces the need for temporary protective plates, extra bracing and the need for costly tool pedestals.

In addition to meeting the CISCA (Ceiling & Interior Systems and Construction Association) 10,000-pass rolling load test at 3,000 pounds, Maxcess HD 3500 access flooring panels deflect 66% less than the allowable industry standard of 0.040 in. Using the CISCA concentrated load test, the HD 3500 series deflects only 0.080 in. under a concentrated static load of 4000 lb for the solid panel and 3600 lb for the perforated panel. Both products offer a minimum 2 to 1 safety factor for ultimate loads.

Savings up to $50,000
Because of the strength of these access floor panels, Mr. Krauk says cleanroom operators and data center managers can reduce ownership costs substantially.

"The more often you need to reconfigure the room, the more you save now," adds Mr. Krauk. "With conventional access flooring, the cost to temporarily reinforce a mid-size room for a single heavy equipment move can run as high as $50,000. With the HD 3500 series, that extra cost just goes away. A new HD 3500 access floor can pay for itself with the first one or two equipment moves. There's a lot of peace of mind as a result."

Access Flooring Types
Maxcess Technologies, Inc. offers two types of die cast aluminum panels, both of which are interchangeable with all Maxcess cleanroom panels and almost all other manufacturer's panels:
o HD 3500 Solid Panels
o HDP 3500 Perforated Panels (25-30% open area)

The flooring panels are available in a variety of colors in standard 24" x 24" sizes as well as 600mm x 600mm metric sizes. Additionally, they come with a variety of tile finishes in static dissipative and conductive ranges and are available in autocatalytic nickel, nickel chrome or with conductive epoxy coating.

Who is Maxcess Technologies, Inc?
As a leading manufacturer of raised access floor systems with plants in the United States, Canada, and Japan, Maxcess Technologies, Inc. has established a worldwide presence and is capable of satisfying the needs of all their clients.
They are a member of the Hitachi family.

For further information contact Mark Krauk, Maxcess Technologies, Inc., 235 Deming Way, Summerville, SC 29483; Phone: 843-821-1200; Email: Or visit

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