Accelerometers measure slow-moving events.

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Supplied in integral and unattached cable versions, K-Beam® 8310A25 and 8310A50 measure to 25 and 50 g respectively in slow-moving applications from 0-300 Hz. Products, used to measure tilt and other static or dynamic conditions, have micro-machined capacitive sensing element that provides stability over -40 to +185°F range. Hermetically sealed and ground isolated, they require dc voltage supply of 6-16 V and affix via adhesive and/or screw mounting.

Original Press Release:

Accelerometers Measure Slow Moving Events

Two new accelerometers from Kistler Instrument extend the measuring range with slow moving measurement requirements from zero to 300 Hz. Kistler 8310A25 measures to 25 g and 8310A50 measures to 50 g. Both use a micro-machined capacitive sensing element that provides stability over the -40 °F to 185 °F temperature range. At 17 grams each, these newest members of the K-Beam® accelerometer family measure tilt and other static or dynamic conditions.

Both accelerometers are hermetically sealed and ground isolated in a welded Titanium enclosure. In addition to adhesive mounting, four 4-40 or M3 mounting screws may be used. Both integral and unattached cable versions are available. A DC voltage supply of 6 to 16 Volts is required.

These accelerometers extend the measuring range of the series from 2g and 10g versions currently available. Typical applications are found in vehicular NVH studies, aerospace tests, large structure studies, human movement measurements and automation applications.

Kistler is a worldwide supplier of precision instrumentation for the measurement of pressure, force and acceleration serving the R&D, Industrial and OEM Communities.

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