Accelerometer monitors vibration on rotating machinery.

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Model 8752A50M5 K-Shear Accelerometer, with quartz shear-mode elements, is insensitive to base strain, thermal transients, and transverse acceleration. Frequency response is 0.5 Hz to 12 kHz, with measuring range of +/-50 g and sensitivity of 100 mV/g. Charge converter electronics allow unit to operate up to 330 deg F. Accelerometer includes MIL-C-5015 top connector, 316 SS hermetically welded housing, and internal sensing element electrically isolated from case.

Original Press Release:

High Temperature Industrial Grade Accelerometer for Precision Machine Health Vibration Monitoring Model 8752A50M5

Reliability, long term accuracy and stability are prime characteristics required of an accelerometer suitable to perform vibration monitoring on rotating machinery. Kistler's 8752A50M5 K-Shear Accelerometer features quartz shear-mode elements that provide the afore mentioned characteristics. The unique K-Shear technology that Kistler employs in many of its accelerometers assures insensitivity to base strain, thermal transients and transverse acceleration.

The 8752A50M5 Accelerometer has a frequency response of 0.5 Hz to 12 kHz, with a measuring range of ± 50 g and a sensitivity of 100 mV/g . The design of the charge converter electronics allows the unit to operate up to a temperature of 330°F (165°C). To insure trouble free operation in adverse industrial environments, the unit features a MIL-C-5015 top connector, a 316 stainless steel hermetically welded housing and an internal sensing element electrically isolated from the case. The low impedance voltage mode output easily connects to any Kistler coupler/signal conditioner or to any industry standard IEPE power source.

In actual application, the wide frequency response characteristic of the 8752A50M5 Accelerometer easily detects and identifies anti-friction bearings, gear mesh malfunctions on
rotating machinery such as compressors, turbines, motors, generators found in pulp/paper mills, steel mills and other industrial sites.

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