Accelerometer adapts to acceleration ranges from 1 to 500g.

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Single-axis Series AS8310, with capacitive readout, senses low-g acceleration. Sensor system combines hybrid MEMS and monolithic integration and provides precise measurement of shielded capacitance (beam and counter electrode) directly on chip. Bandwith ranges between 100 Hz and 1 kHz. Sensor measures capacitance changes down to less than 0.5 atto Farad/square root Hz. Unit includes self-test feature.

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Low-G One-Axis Accelerometer from Austriamicrosystems Adapts to Acceleration Ranges from 1 to 500g

High-performance AS8310 sensor combines hybrid MEMS and monolithic integration...

Raleigh, N.C. (November 5, 2002) - Providing electronics designers with an economical means of sensing low-g acceleration, austriamicrosystems has developed a high peformance, one-axis accelerometer with capacitive readout for the sensor market. The unique sensor system combines the advantages of the hybrid MEMS and monolithic integration with the ability to adapt to acceleration ranges from 1 to 500g.

Designated the AS8310 Series, this highly sensitive acceleration sensor is ideally suited for a wide range of applications in the automotive, consumer, healthcare and industrial markets. These include: automotive functions such as front and side airbags, rollover sensing inclinometers, chassis stabilization and active suspension systems; consumer uses including video game pads and joysticks, virtual reality input devices, and personal navigation systems; healthcare and fitness devices such as physical therapy equipment, ergonomics tools and pedometers; and industrial applications including vibration measurement, bearing wear monitoring, robotics and sesimic detectors.

According to Wilfried Bair, austriamicrosystems business development manager, "The AS8310 sensor provides extremely precise measurement of shielded capacitance (beam and counter electrode) directly on a chip. Based on patented integrated circuit technology, the device can be customized for specific sensitivity requirements."

The AS8310 sensor is designed for single axis acceleration sensing with very low transverse sensitivity. The system's closed loop operation yields high linearity and wide bandwidth. Loop stability is ensured by noncritical beam modal behavior and supercritical squeeze-film damping in the air gap. The bandwith of the output signal is limited by outside loop filtering (typically 100Hz for low and 1 kHz for high acceleration values).

Typical sensor performance for a ± 7g z-axis sensor with a sensitivity of 250mV/g is: peak-to-peak noise of < 0.01g at 140Hz bandwidth, temperature coefficient of zero g level < 2 mg/K, zero g stability over lifetime < 0.15g, and linearity <1%. It is capable of measuring capacitance changes down to < 0.5 atto Farad/square root Hz. An extensive, integrated self-test function is built to customer specifications and can be used for accurate evaluation of aging effects.

The quasi-monolithic construction consists of a simple micromechanical sensing element in the form of a beam and a signal conditioning circuit. Joined face-to-face by eutectic wafer level bonding, the system is hermetically sealed, allowing for variable packaging options. The sensor system is available in the low-cost standard SOIC-16 package.

Pricing for the sensor is $3.50 to $4.00 for high volume production quantities.

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With headquarters near Graz, Austria, austriamicrosystems AG is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of highly integrated mixed-signal ICs. The company combines more than 20 years of design capabilities, product and marketing know-how with a full service silicon foundry specialized in mixed signal, RF and HV applications. Operating from 14 locations around the globe and with 850 employees worldwide, austriamicrosystems is organized into four strategic business units: Communications, Automotive, Industrial & Medical and Full Service Foundry. For more information, contact austriamicrosystems, 8601 Six Forks Road, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27613, or call (919) 676-5292, fax (509) 696-2713, e-mail, or visit

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