Accelerator Appliance suits technical computing applications.

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ClearSpeed Accelerated Terascale System-700 (CATS-700) is integrated 1U acceleration appliance that provides 1.1 Teraflops of 64-bit double precision acceleration in 500 W rack mount enclosure. High performance, high density acceleration solution is suited for users with technical computing applications, such as computational electromagnetics (CEM), financial analytics, and life sciences.

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ClearSpeed Announces Launch of CATS-700(TM) Accelerator Appliance

With over 1.1 TFLOPS of 64-bit, double precision acceleration in a 1U enclosure CATS-700 is the highest performance, highest density acceleration solution available

International Supercomputing Conference (ISC'08) - Dresden, Germany - June 17, 2008 -
ClearSpeed Technology, the world leader in high performance, high reliability parallel
processing solutions, today announced the launch of the ClearSpeed Accelerated Terascale System-700 (CATS-700), integrated 1U acceleration appliance. The CATS-700 provides 1.1 Teraflops of 64-bit double precision acceleration in a 500W 1U rack mount enclosure, redefining maximum compute performance and density for acceleration appliances. The CATS-700 will be available in the second half of this year through
ClearSpeed and its reseller partners.

The CATS-700 accelerator appliance is ideal for customers with technical computing applications, such as computational electromagnetics (CEM), financial analytics, and life sciences. These computationally dense applications demand the utmost in both speed and reliability, and benefit from CATS-700s robust system level RAS features.

A single CATS-700 1U appliance coupled to a 1U dual socket quad-core server outperforms 2 separate 1U servers by up to 3.5 times for scalable dense linear algebra related applications, and by 6.5 times for Black Scholes-related applications. CATS-700's dramatic acceleration is delivered at a conservative 25 percent of the power consumption and at 40 percent less cost than that required to achieve similar performance from a multi stacked 1U x86-based server solution.

The CATS-700's high performance, high compute density, low up front cost, and low power consumption combine to provide unparalleled performance per dollar, performance per watt and performance per square meter. These advanced performance values combine with robust RAS features to provide easier system administration and a lower total cost of ownership than any other acceleration solution.

"The CATS-700 is truly ushering in the new wave of high performance compute for the Petaflop era. This is the ultimate high-density expansion solution for rack-based server customers needing parallel processing," said Ray McConnell, ClearSpeed's chief technical officer. "If you want maximum performance per watt, performance per square meter, or performance per dollar, CATS-700 delivers everything you want with the reliability you need."

ClearSpeed is also releasing version 3.10 of its software suite, which includes an advanced application programming interface (API) called CSPX (pronounced 'See Specs'), and developer tools designed to ease host-card communication programming using object migration, which transparently addresses multi-card configurations. This API provides a unique integrated visualization of a heterogeneous system data movement, using source-level debugging and profiling of both the host system and the accelerator.

About ClearSpeed Technology
ClearSpeed Technology is a semiconductor company that delivers the world's most advanced parallel processing solutions for the most challenging applications ranging from commerce to science to security. This leadership exists because ClearSpeed is unrivalled in meeting the most intense processing needs with maximum energy efficiency and full programmability. ClearSpeed's products include chips, accelerator cards, rack modules, software and support. ClearSpeed has offices in San Jose, California and
Bristol, UK and has over 100 patents granted or pending.

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