Accelerated Media Technologies’ ENGenesis™ and Hi-Top Conversion for Ford and Nissan ENG Vans Wins Best of Show Award at NAB 2017

Enables TV stations to bring studio control and operations into the field

Auburn, MA (May 2, 2017) – Accelerated Media Technologies (AMT) has won a Best of Show Award from NewBay Media’s TV Technology for their ENGenesis 2/7GHz BAS band bi-directional news gathering solution and for their line of Ford and Nissan High Top conversion ENG/DSNG vans, designed specifically for broadcast applications. Entries were judged by a panel of professional users as well as NewBay Media magazine editors and the winners were announced this week at NAB 2017.

“We are very grateful that the panel of experts recognized the advantages provided to the industry by our bi-directional communication solution and hi-top conversion vans,” said Tom Jennings, President, Accelerated Media Technologies. “This honor is a testament to our track record in developing new technologies that enhance production and better serve the industry.”

ENGenesis incorporates innovative IP architecture to enable high-bandwidth IP bi-directional connectivity of A/V streams, VoIP and Internet traffic, with up to 50% greater sensitivity even at low levels in areas with obstructions such as heavy tree coverage. It utilizes a single high-capacity radio channel to support simultaneous bi-directional IP-based video/audio/data communications, providing broadcast stations with high capacity private networks. The unique bi-directional communications solution enables full remote control of IP devices in the field from a centralized studio. ENGenesis’ innovative LTE (Long Term Evolution) Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation also provides improved support for multiple field units with myriad performance benefits while eliminating cellular airtime costs.

The new Ford and Nissan hi-top conversion ENG/DSNG vans improve mobility by lowering both overall road height and the center of gravity, and improve broadcast functionality with superior interior work height and greatly increased roof strength. AMT worked with the automakers to develop the conversion and is the only manufacturer to offer these advanced designs. The innovative design of this new AMT conversion boosted the roof capacity from 300 pounds for the standard models to well over 2,000 pounds while increasing interior work height. It also allowed AMT to better control the often radical roof contours which provides greater mounting “flat-area” to avoid complex equipment collisions.

As a Best of Show recipient, AMT will receive an award and will be featured in NewBay Media’s TV Technology. The announcement will also be featured in the special Best of Show Awards Program Guide, distributed in digital edition form to thousands of readers after the convention.

About Accelerated Media Technologies, Inc.

Accelerated Media Technologies Inc. (AMT) is the premier manufacturer of custom broadcast, command, and specialty vehicles and communications technologies such as the company’s revolutionary ENGenesis bi-directional 2/7GHz BAS band communications solution. AMT, the undisputed leader in mobile solutions worldwide, continues to refine the role and form factor of conventional news vehicles and has consistently introduced patented and exclusive technologies to evolve news acquisition to a new level.

AMT is headquartered in Auburn, MA with facilities Haverhill, MA, Long Island City, NY, Upland, CA and Tampa, FL. Learn more at

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