ACA Radiation Sterilization Process Indicators Available Online

Akron Coating and Adhesives announced its radiation sterilization indicators can now be found online at The labels change color when exposed to gamma radiation. Applied to the packaging of food, spices, or medical device, the labels reveal the extent of radiation exposure to the product.

The labels completely change from a light beginning color to a much darker color that indicates full exposure. The indicator ink is applied to a specially designed pressure sensitive label stock that may be die cut, printed or slit into rolls per the customer's requirements. Color-fast inks may be printed over the indicating ink so a message such as "EXPOSED" OR "NOT EXPOSED" will appear or disappear after exposure. Application may be done by peeling individual labels from rolls, or with a METO gun.

Four types of indicators are available:

o ACA60-125 changes color when exposed to 3 kGy of gamma radiation and is calibrated to identify its presence in fresh fish or poultry.

o ACA60-130 changes color when exposed to 5 kGy of gamma radiation and is effective in detecting gamma radiation in such products as fruits and vegetables.

o ACA60-135 changes color when exposed to 9 kGy of gamma radiation and is designed to be used for red meats or spices.

o ACA 60-140 changes color at 25 kGy of gamma radiation and is calibrated to use as an indicator for the sterilization of medical devices.

"We have been producing sterilization indicators for nearly 15 years," said John Questel, President of ACA. "We're pleased to be able to offer them directly to the end user."

About the Company

ACA specializes in high-performance water-based coatings and adhesives for automotive, manufacturing and medical applications. ACA products process on coaters such as gravure, nip-fed reverse roll, wire wound bar and knife over roll. Most products are RoHS compliant. The company is also equipped with a high quality 12-inch wide pilot coater for testing or for limited production of specialized products. A wide range of dispersion mixers and churns, from 1500 gal to drum size, are available for compounding formulae with viscosities from 100 to 2 million cps.

For more information, contact Akron Coating and Adhesives, 367 Stanton Avenue, Akron, OH 44301. Tel: (330) 724-4716;

For More Information, Contact:

Cliff Questel at Quantum Advertising & Design, Inc.


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