AC Drive delivers smooth door operation.

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Housed in NEMA 12-rated enclosure, 230 V single-phase AC Drive provides controls for up/down and stop. Standard operation is auto locking and un-locking, requiring only momentary push of button. Thru-beam photo eyes and mechanical upper override disconnect are standard. With AC drive, door initially operates slowly, and then smoothly accelerates once it reaches certain height. When door is at top of stroke, it slows down and softly stops.

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New AC-Drive Makes Door a Smooth Operator

(Elkhorn, WI) - Wilson Doors Inc., the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty vertical bi-fold and large sliding doors announces their new Ascent AC-Drive and three button control box. This drive has the power and control to deliver smooth, efficient and reliable door operation for both Wilson Doors products, plus it can enhance the operation of those doors made by other manufacturers.

"The new AC-Drive," according to Scott Blue, Wilson's President, adds to a door's overall value and superior performance."

The variable speed Ascent AC-Drive provides a very smooth, soft start and stop, minimizing wear on the motor and components, while significantly decreasing the opening and closing time of the door. "Initially, the door operates slowly, but once it reaches a certain height, it smoothly accelerates," notes Blue.

"It lets the door really move. When the door is at the top of its stroke, however, the door slows down and softly stops. The benefit is the overall opening and closing time has been dramatically reduced, while providing a soft start and stop that is less taxing on the motor and components."

Other manufacturers use mechanical means to accelerate the opening speed. However, there's a jarring stop at the top of the door's opening cycle because of the acceleration. The brake engages suddenly and a shock is sent through the motor and components. The jolt creates undue stress and greatly reduces the life expectancy of the door. In addition, the closing speed is subject to deceleration - so the door closes at a much slower speed.

On the AC Drive only then does the brake engage - acting as a parking brake rather than a dynamic brake. This results in less wear and tear and doesn't administer a "shock" to the system.

"Wilson intends to continue to innovate to meet the needs of our customers," says Blue. "The Ascent AC-Drive is the most recent example of Wilson's industry leadership and active new product development."

The AC Drive 230 V, single phase, yet the unit converts the single phase power to three-phase and allows Wilson to use a far more efficient, industrial three phase motor. No one else uses a standard three-phase motor.

The Drive is pre-wired, tested and pre-set at the factory. The drive is housed in a NEMA 12-rated enclosure

The AC Drive has three button controls - up/down and stop. Standard operation is auto locking and un-locking - requiring only a momentary push of the button. Constant-pressure is available as an option. Thru-beam photo eyes and mechanical upper override disconnect are standard features, unlike optional with competitive drives and doors.

Founded in 1956, Wilson specializes in the design and made to order construction of lightweight aluminum and economical steel vertical bi-fold doors, as well as large exterior sliding doors. The doors are used in a variety of facilities including industrial, commercial, agricultural, aviation and marine.

The market knows Wilson Doors for their high quality and durability, with thousands of installations nationwide. Wilson works closely with the end-user, contractor and architect to manufacture every door to the exact specifications of the customer and is continually researching new door solutions. Wilson Doors is a bifold and bottom rolling door specialist with strong, proven products that are custom-crafted to complement the look of the building.

Upon completion, Wilson's Premium aluminum doors are shipped on company trucks and, with the doors' modular construction and installation supervision, are quickly and easily erected.

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