Absorbent Pad System includes built-in disposal unit.

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Dispense-n-Dispose DnD System consists of sturdy cardboard container holding 150 perforated pads and container top that doubles as temporary waste receptacle. Gray, all-purpose MRO DnD is a low-linting, dimpled material, which combines thickness and high absorbency for cleanup of oil- and water-based liquids. White OP DnD is effective in absorbing oil- and petroleum-based liquids and does not pick up water.

Original Press Release:

Introducing DnD "Dispense-n-Dispose"

Somerset, NJ (September 29, 2003) - SPC, Sorbent Products Company, Inc. is very proud to announce an innovative, versatile and economic new product, the DnD "Dispense-n-Dispose". This addition to their ever-expanding product line solves two problems at once - convenient access to sorbent pads and a built-in disposal unit for used pads. This system saves time, saves
money, and best of all, saves the mess! The sturdy cardboard container holds 150 clean, perforated pads, and the container top also doubles as a convenient temporary waste receptacle.

"We saw a need for a simple 1, 2, 3 system", said Michael P. Hobin, President of SPC. "Our customers will simply cut the tape holding the boxes together, lift off the top of the box, turn the
box over and insert the provided industrial-grade bag. The 'Dispense-n-Dispose" is now ready to use. This saves time and mess, but, best of all, there are more pads per order which results in less shipping cost."

The DnD is available with SPC's two top-selling pads. The gray, all-purpose MRO DnD is a heavy-weight, low-linting, dimpled material which combines thickness, strength, high absorbency, and is highly effective for the cleanup of oil and water based liquids. The white OP DnD is effective in absorbing oil and petroleum-based liquids. It does not pick up water. The pads can be used as either whole sheets or half sheets, depending on the spill.

Sorbent Products Company began in 1977 and since then has emerged as one of the dominant producers of meltblown polypropylene sorbents in the world. SPC's corporate headquarters and manufacturing is in Somerset NJ with additional shipping and warehousing locations in Reno, NV; St. Louis, MO; and Toronto, Canada. Additionally, SPC is positioned for global response through its wholly owned subsidiary, SPC International, headquartered in Belgium. SPC remains a customer-driven company whose mission is to manufacture quality sorbent products, service the needs of the growing industrial market, and respond to the on-going emergency requirements of the environmental sector.

For more information about SPC, please call (800) 333-7672 or visit www.sorbentproducts.com

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