Abrisa Technologies Announces 2 New Laser Engraving Processes to their Value-added, Ready-to-install Glass Fabrication Service Capabilities

Press Release Summary:

  • CO2 laser engraving “marking” of select coated and uncoated glass creates human readable and non-removeable identification
  • Laser etched graphics, icons and unique identifiers are incorporated into the face or border graphics of the glass component
  • Laser engraved graphics includes logos, icons, QR codes, barcodes, serial, part numbering, text, taglines and web addresses

Original Press Release:

Machine and Human Readable Laser Engraved Graphics on Glass

Abrisa Technologies has added 2 new laser engraving processes to their value-added, ready-to-install glass fabrication service capabilities. The company can now provide in-house:

  • CO2 laser engraving “marking” of select coated and uncoated glass
  • Laser etched graphics, icons and unique identifiers (QR codes and barcodes)

These two methods of laser engraving/etching add to the company’s Total Solution approach of single-point accountability for fabricated specialty glass components.

CO2 laser engraving “marking” of select coated and uncoated glass: Laser engraving directly onto the select coated or uncoated glass creates human readable, non-removeable identification and LOT tracking information/traceability without any added profile or chemistry constraints or concerns. The marking can be done on the edge or face, while the alpha-numerics can be 2.8 mm to 7.1 mm in height and can be specified in one of three popular font options.

Laser etched graphics: Selective removal of screen-printed ink on glass is ideal when unique identifiers such as machine readable QR codes or barcodes are desired to be incorporated into the face or border graphics of the glass component. The etched graphics are also effective as an option to support ondemand graphics or identifier variation by platform or part without a lot of added inventory and custom border graphics processes.

Typical Laser Engraved Graphics Include:

  • Logos, icons and other branding identifiers
  • QR and barcodes
  • Serial, part and sequential numbering
  • Text, taglines, web addresses, etc

According to Susan Hirst, Product Development Manager at Abrisa Industrial Glass, the glass fabrication division of Abrisa Technologies, “Laser engraving adds to our array of value-added services such as optical and safety films, mounting tape and gaskets, oleo/hydrophobic solutions, strengthening, screen printing, thin film coating and more. This Total Product Solution approach provides convenience and improved cost efficiencies for our customers.” Susan further states, “Delivering custom designed fabricated glass solutions to meet application-specific requirements from concept through production that are designed for manufacturability provides our customers with vertically integrated capabilities that aid with today’s competitive market challenges.”

Abrisa Technologies is a recognized, US based, global supplier of high quality, fabricated glass components, optical thin film coatings, and custom glass solutions for diverse industries such as microelectronics and displays, semiconductor, military, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, telecom and scientific R&D. We provide custom flat glass and coating products for applications such as: flat panel display, touch and gesture recognition, imaging and surveillance, entertainment, lighting, advanced instrumentation and photonics.

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