Abrasive Blaster automates surface preparation.

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Model RSSA-8 blast cabinet is offered in versions adapted for abrasive blasting, shot peening, non-destructive blast cleaning, cosmetic surface finishing, and media-blast coating removal. Rotary spindle may be fitted with up to 42 in. dia turntable or component-holding fixture custom-designed for range of parts; rotation speed is adjustable. Cabinet provides cubic space for up to 8 suction-blast guns or 4 pressure-blast nozzles and has 42 x 54 x 46 in. interior.

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Abrasive Blaster Automates Surface Preparation

August 16, 2005 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Guyson Corporation now offers an expanded rotary blast cabinet for automatic processing of large components that require consistent surface preparation. The Model RSSA-8 is available in specially adapted versions for abrasive blasting, shot peening, nondestructive blast cleaning, cosmetic surface finishing and media-blast coating removal.

The rotary spindle of the RSSA-8 may be fitted with a turntable up to 42 inches in diameter or with a component-holding fixture that is custom designed for a range of parts. The speed of rotation is adjustable, and turntable rotation speed can be programmed to maintain a specific feed rate or surface speed, whether blasting near the center or the perimeter of the table.

There is cubic space in the RSSA-8 for up to eight suction-blast guns or four pressure-blast nozzles. Each blast nozzle is positioned at the correct angle and distance to target surfaces and mounted on a rigid, multi-adjustable bracket. For processing of components fixtured in an upright position, the machinery manufacturer offers programmable linear vertical traversing of the nozzles that can be synchronized with rotation of the part. The ball screw ball nut traverse mechanism can, alternatively, be mounted on the roof of the cabinet for PLC-controlled horizontal motion of the nozzles.

In cases where more complex nozzle motion is required for precise blasting operations, the equipment designer can provide a gantry-type nozzle manipulator or robot to enable more elaborate motion of the blast guns in multiple axes.

Interior dimensions of the blast chamber of the RSSA-8 cabinet are 42" H x 54" W x 46" D (1067 x 1370 x 1168 mm). A front sliding door of 42" x 30" is opened and closed by a pneumatic cylinder, while the full-depth hinged side door provides manual access for inspection, adjustment and maintenance. An optional manual touch-up station allows use of the cabinet for manual blasting, during which interlocks prevent automated operation.

Abrasive blasting frequently entails the use of harsh and aggressive media from which the the cabinet must be protected to prevent damage to working parts. The equipment builder claims to have a comprehensive abrasion resistance package that includes features such as cast urethane ducting, boron carbide lined blast nozzles and rubber lining of the cabinet, table and cyclone media reclaimer.

Prospective users of the RSSA-8 system are encouraged to submit sample components for free laboratory testing and application engineering evaluation at the supplier's factory in northeastern New York State.

518-587-7894 jccarson@guyson.com

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