ABB Announce the Optimised Pre-Machining Robot IRB 6660

2008-03-07 - The IRB 6660 - for high performance applications!

Vasteras, Sweden, March 7 2008. ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, today announced the launch of the robot IRB 6660. The IRB 6660 is the first robot on the market that is dedicated to pre-machining applications in the foundry industry.

This new robot is perfect for pre-machining and is designed for high-performance applications where robot stability is a key factor for success.

The superior stiffness and robustness of the IRB 6660 allow for high productivity in challenging applications. It's possible to achieve a higher removal rate than before, which gives a shorter cycle time and higher productivity. The greater accuracy of the IRB 6660 also makes for consistent and better part quality, even during high and fluctuating process forces. In addition, the relatively heavy robot structure reduces both high and low frequency vibrations. For machining applications, the best combination is a heavy robot with a light spindle. The high productivity and accuracy of the IRB 6660 increases the application scope of robotised machining, which will save investment cost for the customer, since investments in robots are normally less, than in expensive dedicated machines.

RobotWare Machining Force Control, Foundry Plus and Absolute Accuracy are available as selected options for even better performance of the IRB 6660.

The IRB 6660 is a member of the ABB power robots family. The robot is a combination of ABB´s well proven technology and design and along with some new features making it the stiffest articulated robot to date. This unique combination makes the IRB 6660 very reliable, accurate, cost efficient and easy to install and maintain.

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