AAEON Application Story: GENE-CV05 Application a Telephone Building Entry System

Building security has become a more of priority today for residential units as well as commercial offices.  Intercoms and telephone-based systems have long been instrumental in viewing visitors from outside and either allowing or preventing them from gaining entry.  Now the technology exists to make it easier for both visitors and users to use building security systems using the most up-to-date computing platforms.  AAEON's GENE-CV05 is used in a variety of such systems.

The TF-GENE-CV05-A10-12, which has the onboard D2600 Atom processor, integrated with 2GB of system memory and an 8GB Wide Temperature CFast module with Windows Embedded Standard 7 is delivered to the AAEON customer. Our distribution partner offers the 22" LVDS touchscreen panel, and the customer assembles it all with their telephone line interface, audio system and a high definition internet protocol camera into a variety of their own custom enclosures.  The onboard support the GENE-CV05 has for LVDS, high-definition audio, resistive touchscreen, and LVDS backlight offers an all-in-one computing platform that is easy to use as the foundation in such a system without having to build a lot of other circuits to perform various functions. These enclosures range from wall-mount units (one of which is pictured above) to free-standing units.  These systems are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Visitors can easily use the touchscreen and custom Windows application to search for who or what office they need to contact.  The camera in the enclosure lets the receiver confirm the visitor by appearance and then communicate with them through the audio and telephone system.  Once confirmed, the receiver can choose to unlock the doors, activate elevators, and control room and hallway lighting through the building systems to allow the visitor access.

The power and versatility of the newest SBC technology also allows for the system to show advertisements in order to offset the costs of the system as well as provide imagery on the display that can match a multitude of lobby and building decors.  AAEON's SBC has become instrumental in systems that are easy-to-use, always-working, automated security guards made necessary in our busy and security-minded world.

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