A Rapidly Growing Application for Calmar Femtosecond Fiber Lasers Is Imaging and Near Infrared (NIR) Multiphoton Spectroscopy

Two-photon microscopy image of mouse skeletal muscle.

Two-photon excitation is based on the idea that two photons of low energy can excite a fluorophore in a quantum event, resulting in the emission of a fluorescence photon, typically at a higher energy than either of the two excitatory photons. The probability of the near-simultaneous absorption of two photons is extremely low. Therefore a high flux of excitation photons is required. In two-photon excitation microscopy an infrared laser beam is focused through an objective lens. Two photon microscopy has the advantages of allowing imaging to a greater depth (allowing evaluation of thicker samples) with reduced cell damage.

Traditionally, titanium sapphire (Ti:Sa) lasers have been popular in multiphoton research, due primarily to wavelength tunability (typically 700-1000nm). This research has led to many new high potential applications for a single wavelength (780nm, 1030nm, or 1550nm) lasers.  Additionally, a wide variety of readily available new florophores and dyes increase the appeal of single wavelength laser systems for microscopy.

A few of the industrial femtosecond lasers currently available from Calmar are:

Cazadero lasers offer tunable pulse energy, pulse width, and pulse repetition rates to allow you to easily balance the signal strength required versus the damage threshold of the cell being imaged.

Our next generation product will offer 780nm with a power level of 500mW, M2<1.1 and a pulse width of <100 fs, the ideal performance to optimally image tissue with less scatter and lowered risk of tissue damage. The compact size and fiber delivery simplifies two photon microscopy by eliminating costly redesign of delivery optics and by easily integrating within existing microscopes. Push button startup and no maintenance makes our fiber lasers easy to use and hassle free. 

Many are turning to Calmar femtosecond fiber lasers, which offer the advantages of: 

• high repetition rates

• compact size and portability            

• air cooling

• push button startup and ease of use

• lower power consumption

• higher bam pointing and pulse energy stability

• lower cost

• fiber beam delivery for simplified optical path and reduced optical dispersion

Since 1996, Calmar Laser has been a leader in innovative femtosecond fiber laser and fiber amplifier solutions for the needs of industry, research institutions and universities.  When you think of femtosecond lasers, think of Calmar.  For further information, visit our website or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn for details on additional femtosecond laser applications.

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