A Major Swiss Commercial Heat Treater Increases Their Vacuum Brazing Capacity with Seco/Warwick Technology

A major Swiss commercial heat treater has ordered a SECO/WARWICK Vector® vacuum furnace, one of the Group’s flagship products.

This furnace with a large working chamber, efficient pumping system, isothermal quenching and directional cooling will increase the production capacity of the commercial heat treater, which is mainly known for its service in the field of nickel and silver brazing.

Nickel and silver brazing with SECO/WARWICK

The Vector vacuum furnace on order solves the customer’s problem with hardening larger size parts (the furnace work zone is 900x900x1200) and will significantly increase the efficiency of the current hardening plant. It will improve and increase the processing capacity of the hardening process. Thanks to high energy savings, the efficiency of the graphite chamber as well as the purity and speed of the process. The furnace will also have an impact on increasing the production economics.

“Our furnace also extends the customer’s service range. Thanks to the cooling capacity of 15 bar, it is possible to process parts that require very fast cooling. Thanks to the high vacuum operation, Vector also allows the system to perform more difficult brazing processes with either nickel or silver. This is our second installation with this partner. Previously, we delivered a solution from the SECO/WARWICK furnace family of a similar size, in a non-pressurized version,” says Maciej Korecki, Vice President of the Vacuum Furnace Segment, at SECO/WARWICK Group.

Vector® is synonymous with versatility and performance

Vector is the most common choice of commercial heat treaters not only in Europe, but around the world. Versatility, efficiency, and excellent process economy mean that professional commercial heat treaters most often order this type of vacuum furnaces.

Vector comes in several sizes and configurations. In the version ordered by the Swiss, a large working zone with the potential to adjust to an oversized load utilizes the advantages of a round heating chamber. Thanks to the use of a system consisting of two mechanical pumps and a diffusion pump, the furnace executes very efficient processes at a very good vacuum in both medium and high ranges. The efficiency of the processes carried out is also influenced by the possibility of cooling at 15 bar.

Thanks to the inverter control, users can switch on the optimal cooling power in the appropriate process segment. The great advantages are also low heat losses and good temperature distribution in the heating chamber. The Vector vacuum furnace has numerous options, such as convection, directional cooling, or isothermal quenching, increasing the versatility of the solution and the processes carried out.

Commercial heat treaters need the best equipment

In no other industry are metal heat treatment furnaces used so intensively. Commercial heat treaters are distinguished by the huge range of services offered, which is why the equipment they buy must be reliable, efficient, and as versatile as possible.

Commercial heat treaters face the problem of many types of materials, a wide range of processes and various technologies every day. This is one of the most experienced groups of recipients when it comes to vacuum heat treatment. SECO/WARWICK will deliver to Switzerland a solution that, thanks to its unique capabilities, will cope in this demanding environment. In addition, it provides both a large variety in the types of treated parts and components, and the technologies that they require for quality results. The Vector vacuum furnace system on order is as versatile as the commercial heat treaters in the metal treatment market.

Katarzyna Sawka
Seco/Warwick Group
Marketing VP
Email: Katarzyna.Sawka@secowarwick.com
Tel: +48 512 811 648

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