Software measures and checks wall thickness of 3D models.

Press Release Summary:

Used for locating and analyzing critical thickness areas of Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire 3D models, GeomCaliper(TM) v2.0 gives immediate feedback to designers during design process. Users can quickly detect thin areas in plastic molded components that may result in warps or thick sections in castings that may result in hot spots. Visualization process allows detection of hidden critical regions, while ability to cut cross sections and automatically compute thickness is also offered.

Original Press Release:

Geometric Software Releases GeomCaliper(TM) Version 2.0 for Pro/ENGINEER®

Innovative design tool enables quick and in-depth analysis of wall thickness in Pro/ENGINEER® models

MUMBAI, India, November 16, 2006 - Geometric Software Solutions (Geometric), a leader in product lifecycle management (PLM) services and technologies, today announced the release of GeomCaliper(TM) for Pro/ENGINEER® version 2.0.

GeomCaliper is an innovative tool for measuring and checking wall thickness of Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire 3D models. Accessible within a Wildfire session, it provides immediate feedback to designers during the design process. GeomCaliper(TM) assists engineers in quickly detecting thin areas in plastic molded components that may result in warps or thick sections in castings that may result in hot spots. It is easy-to-use and requires minimal training to interpret the results. Users commonly save over 75 - 80% of the time spent in thickness analysis. In addition, an innovative visualization process allows the detection of hidden critical regions.

Benefits of GeomCaliper(TM):

o Quick and easy design reviews for manufacturability
o Early analysis and design correction results in improved part quality and downstream cost savings
o Improved design productivity

Key features of GeomCaliper(TM) for Pro/ENGINEER® version 2.0:

o Ability to cut cross sections and automatically compute thickness
o Improved performance in computation time and peak memory
o 25% faster in loading model in GeomCaliper
o 25% faster in computing thickness
o 10% reduction in peak memory consumption
o Allows the editing of names in critical regions during analysis
o Displays chord distance in sphere method - shows the minimum thickness of model in 3D.

GeomCaliper(TM) is based on PTC's Pro/Toolkit and leverages the mature API provided by PTC to 3rd party developers. Wildfire customers will benefit from 3D oriented productivity features such as advanced thickness map display and manipulation.

Other features of GeomCaliper(TM) include:

o Easy to locate critical thickness areas
o Advanced visualization mode for easy interpretation of results
o Ability to clip model at any section
o Dynamic thickness display at point click
o Customizable reports in XML /HTML format

GeomCaliper(TM) for Pro/ENGINEER® supports Wildfire 1, 2 and 3. For detailed product information and a limited period trial version, please visit:

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