8000 Series Shelving Easier to Build and More Efficient to Ship

Lyon engineering has implemented an immediate design change to the 8000 Series shelving backs, designing horizontal back panels versus the original vertical back panels. The horizontal (panel) backs will provide easier handling and installation for the user, versus the long vertical panels which were difficult to hold in place and install the backing screws.

The new horizontal back panels are as strong as the original vertical panels. The overall load capacities will continue to be the same. Load capacities of the 8000 Series shelving are 600-1,300 lbs, using 22 gauge to 18 gauge steel.

From the freight and shipping aspect, the new horizontal (panel) backs will cost less to ship due to the more compact shipping foot print versus the original vertical and oversized back panels.

This back panel transition has taken effect and the new (horizontal) back panels are currently shipping. Continue to use the existing Lyon product numbers to order 8000 Series shelves and the new back panels will be delivered. Instruction sheet on installation details will be provided.

Lyon Workspace Products, headquartered in Aurora, IL, is an innovator, manufacturer and marketer of storage systems and workspace products. Since 1901, Lyon has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the product categories of lockers, shelving, storage racking and modular drawer cabinets. Today, Lyon continues its commitment to helping distributors and end-users store and organize their products while maximizing workspace. Contact Chris Rudella Marketing Manager 630-892-8941

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